12 Leading Blogs Inspiring Eco Travel


Green Pearls

Not only is this blog full of amazing hotel, restaurant, and activity recommendations, but it is dedicated to providing all of that while communicating the unique stories of its partners for whom environmental protection and social equity govern everyday operation.

Green Pearls is truly a travel gem for any eco-traveller. Featuring content centered around unique, authentic and green experiences, this blog allows you to search for things like wellness hotels in Galveston, vegan hotels, and even green adventures while always putting the environment and the eco-friendly nature of your trip at the forefront of its articles. If you take your environmental-consciousness attitude with you while traveling, then this is definitely the place for you to browse for inspiration. You can even use their Inspiration tab to “spin the map” and find a destination you might have never thought of before. The best part? Once you select a destination, the blog takes you to a stunning magazine-like page with all of the information you need regarding your trip or stay, with points counters in areas such as the accommodation’s cultural commitment, giving back, the ability to engage in local authentic experiences and the environmental protection rating.


Soul Travel

If you’re in search of travel which connects you to yourself and to the world and you tend to explore in order to make the world a better place instead of simply to post photos of traditional tourist traps, this blog is for you. It’s filled with sustainable, positive and mindful travel tips along with professional-quality photos and a superb layout.

Soul Travel is exactly what it sounds like and so much more. It’s a self-proclaimed inspirational and practical guide to sustainable travel that provides tips on how to travel and create a positive impact while doing so. It’s designed for people who want to connect with themselves and the world and the content couldn’t present that in a better way. Professionally written and well-organised, this blog reads more like a magazine than anything. A quick browse around will lead you to categories such as eco hotel reviews near Port Everglades, ethical animal tourism, responsible travel guides, and sustainable travel resources. However, aside from typical travel guides that are also eco-friendly, Soul Travel is home to insightful articles regarding the state of the environment and how travellers can help fix it. As an added bonus, this conscious travel couple has curated a stunning Instagram feed full of amazing photos and even more eco-friendly travel tips.


Girl About the Globe

It’s hard to give a one-liner about a blog that covers literally any green travel or general travel topic you’re looking for. Wondering how to reach Botswana by bus? Want to know about the best eco-friendly hostels in Costa Rica? Need travel tips and packing guides for your upcoming jaunt to Australia? Girl About the Globe literally has it all.

What does this blog not have? Not only is Girl About the Globe home to a stunningly varied library of travel tips, tricks, hacks and more, but each article is written in such detail that it’ll feel like you’ve been travelling with the author yourself. This blog is home to probably one of the most comprehensive collections of travel material on the internet. While it’s geared towards solo female travellers, there is plenty of information for any other type of eco-traveller looking for tips. The “Conscious Travel” tab will lead you to even more content about ecotourism, voluntourism, responsible travel and social impact programs you can participate in while you’re abroad. Perhaps one of the coolest and most helpful things about this blog is the “Plan Your Trip” feature that provides a seemingly endless list of articles that you can read and check off when planning your next eco-friendly adventure. Here you’ll find categories such as Money Saving Ideas, Finding the Right Hostel, and How to Start Your Own Travel Blog.


Every Steph

Eco-friendly travel doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style, and that’s what Every Steph is all about. In this blog, you’ll find some of the most well-written articles about eco travelling while also enjoying eco-friendly fashion tips and where to find local sustainable eateries.

This blog is one of the most impressive eco travel blogs in part due to its professional layout and exceptional organisation. Every Steph looks as if you’re navigating a real online travel magazine and the articles read the same. With more than simply travel guides, this blog features, primarily, green travel content. However, the lifestyle section is what really sets it apart, with healthy living tips for travellers, green fashion guides, and even helpful articles surrounding food that most eco travellers would be interested in as part of a low-impact lifestyle. In one post, for example, she provides a one-day guide to exploring Venice Beach while peppering in some fashion tips, local experiences (like how to hire a professional photographer wherever you are in the world) and plenty of suggestions regarding local, sustainable brands to support. To top it all off, Steph is incredibly stylish and tends to link her clothes at the bottom of articles so you can shop Earth-friendly, conscious brands all around the world while enjoying fashionable tips from the clothes you see throughout the entire website.


Greentraveller's Guides

If it’s all in the name, then Green Traveller’s Guide has chosen the perfect name, because this blog has done such an excellent job at focusing purely on developing comprehensive, detailed green travel guides without adding any fluff.

What looks like a simple collection of a few travel destinations around the world actually opens up to unlock incredibly dense, comprehensive written and visual content on this blog. Green Traveller’s Guide is organised on the homepage by destination, ranging from all of Spain to West Sweden and even to the Greek Islands. Upon clicking on a destination, you’re taken to a green travel guide like you’ve never seen before. Stunning images accompany a helpful map where you can browse by places to eat, places to stay, local attractions and activites (all eco-friendly of course). Below, you’ll find fun facts, high-quality information from the authors as well as local tourism offices and the best? Professional videos shot by Green Traveller’s Guide that really show off the stunning landscapes and activities in each travel destination. There’s more endless information, so it’s best you just check it out for yourself and enjoy.



More of a green travel agency than simply a blog, Green Loons mixes business with pleasure by providing outstanding eco-friendly travel tips and articles about the ideals of sustainable travel with curated trips and itineraries that are designed with travellers like you in mind.

Green Loons has a blog that you’ll absolutely need to check out. It’s filled with only green travel tips, but they’re all varying and very detailed. Here you’ll be able to find out how to engage in ecotourism on the San Juan Islands, for example, by renting a bike and exploring the forest. Or, you’ll be able to enjoy lists that lay out some of the best eco-friendly travel destinations of the year. However, what’s truly great about Green Loons are their travel services. They’ve travelled so much that they’ve cultivated their own green travel trips complete with sustainable hotel suggestions near Port Canaveral and eco-friendly activities. Not only are their itineraries complete and detailed, but the company itself is certified in eco-travel and even provides sustainability consulting to individuals and brands alike looking to improve their sustainability through travels, purchases, and lifestyles. Their focus is on trips and experiences that meet at least three requirements: economic impact and growth, community stakeholder engagement, and a sustainable tourism strategy. This makes their suggestions incredibly comprehensive and very eco-friendly.


Around the World in Eighty Years

Interested more in eco-friendly travel photography than mere tips and packing hacks? This blog has got you covered, with its National Geographic feel and inspirational photos, you’ll get lost and inspired in the wonder of this man’s excellent photos and articles.

If this list were purely based on photography and visual imagery, this blog would, without a doubt, take first place. Around the World in Eighty Years is designed to encourage your love of the Earth by providing you with National Geographic-like quality photos from all around the world. The man behind the website, Jim O’Donnell, has travelled to over forty countries on five different continents and has taken amazing photos everywhere he’s been. However, his current work focuses on climate change, human migration, public lands, and scientific research, making it all relevant to any eco-traveller who’s either in search of inspiration or information regarding eco-friendly travel. Start by browsing his photography section where you’ll find award-winning photos to gawk over. Then, head over to his blog where he writes about topics ranging all the way from climate change and sustainable tourism to travel photography tips you can implement on your own adventures.


Tammy & Chris on the Move

This couple started their sustainable travel blog as most others do, after leaving their corporate London jobs. They not only decided to travel and document their adventures, but they dedicated themselves to focusing on international development as they do so.

With travel tales ranging all the way from South America and the Caribbean to Asia and Africa, this couple does more than simply travel around the world. What’s so great about this blog is their volunteering section where they’ve compiled great material about what it’s like to volunteer abroad and how eco travellers can do so with ease. Tammy and Chris’s focus on the volunteering aspect of travel is a great reminder to all travellers that there is more than one way to engage in sustainable travel and sometimes that means giving back to the local community you’re visiting and benefitting from during your stay. What’s more is that they include great content from others and their unique volunteering experiences all over the world as a way to increase their audience reach and provide more stories and experiences regarding sustainable travel that gives back to local communities. Aside from their volunteering content, however, their normal travel articles and gear reviews are very well-written and insightful while remaining simple and easy to read.


Green Earth Guide

Providing ethical and green travel tips from all around the world, Green Earth Guide provides everything you need to enjoy cities from a sustainable standpoint, including a list of green apps to download before your travels and comprehensive guides you can use during your adventures.

With numerous travel guides, eco-friendly hostel suggestions, and green accommodation reviews available on the internet nowadays, it’s hard to find a blog that truly sets themselves apart from the rest. Green Earth Guide does just this with their travel apps. That’s right, you can download, for example, The Essential Green Travel Guide to Venice app for your phone. This is one of the most innovative aspects of this blog, despite its well-written content that details other green-friendly travel tips and destinations all over the world. More than merely focusing on eco travellers, they tend to focus on ethical travel, which is a niche in and of itself. This is probably why they’ve earned a Lonely Planet Featured Blogger award in the past, and how they’ve been able to cultivate such comprehensive content in the form of their travel guides. Aside from their blog content, you’ll find green travel guides for countries such as France, Switzerland, Spain and more.


Trans-Americas Journey

Eco travellers come in all shapes, sizes and styles, which is what makes them so beautifully unique. The couple behind Trans-Americas Journey has decided to adopt the minimalist lifestyle and reduce their impact on the world by purchasing one truck and travelling the Americas in it.

The couple behind Trans-Americas Journey is made up of two travel journalists who threw away everything to purchase a truck to travel full-time all throughout the Americas (North, Central and South). They’ve worked hard not only to uncover quality information about where to go, what to eat, where to sleep, and what to do, but they've also dedicated themselves to living like minimalists with the least impact possible on the world and cultures around them. While not a traditional eco traveller blog per se, this couple shows other green-friendly travellers just how easy it is to reduce your impact when travelling and how to live a simple lifestyle free of consumerism and consumption of precious resources. Their travel blog is especially beneficial to those looking to travel, well, in the Americas, of course. Their content, due to its centralised nature, is very focused and detailed on specific locations, smaller towns, and great unknown activities to explore all throughout South, Central and North America.


Cycle Chic

If ecotravel to you means foregoing public transportation when exploring new cities, then this is the perfect blog for you. Not only will you get to enjoy what’s been hailed as one of the top ten fashion blogs by The Guardian, but you’ll enjoy tips on how to get around cities by bicycle.

Cycle Chic began as a small blog dedicated to documenting the incredibly diverse culture of cycling in Copenhagen. What started out as a way to document the “City of Cyclists” turned into a blog that features more fashionable Copenhageners on their bicycles and grew into a blog that features cyclists in cities all over the world. While dedicated mostly to fashion and cycling, what this does for eco travellers is allow them to peer into the various cultures in travel destinations as they relate to cycling and alternative forms of public transportation. As an eco-traveller, you’re likely always looking for ways to reduce your impact, which makes Cycle Chic a great place to start and get inspired. Browsing the photos of cycling culture in faraway lands might just inspire you to rent a bike on your next trip and explore the same routes you’re seeing through the photos they post.


The Man in Seat Sixty-One

The author behind this blog notes that train travel is a more rewarding, low-stress alternative to flying that also brings us closer to the countries we visit and reduces our contribution to climate change.

Looking for eco-friendly alternatives to plane travel to the Port of Miami? The Man in Seat Sixty-One, also known as Mark Smith, has done all the work for you, and he’s done it in incredible detail. On the homepage of this travel website, you’ll find an easy-to-use trip planner that will allow you to search for train travel within Europe, from the UK to various other destinations, worldwide train travel, and even choose from great train journeys he’s taken that have been absolutely worth the trip. However, what’s great about these trips is that he’s also taken the time to lay out just how much you’re reducing your impact by doing so. His CO2 emissions page, for example, shows that you can cut down on your environmental impact by nearly 90% simply by travelling by train. To prove just how eco-friendly train travel is, he’s done the math and will show you how much you can reduce your impact by taking the train from London to Paris, for example, or from London to Tangier, even. This attention to detail truly sets this blog apart, and the train travel planner feature is a gem.