12 Fasciniating Blogs For Solo Travelers


Solo Travel Girl

When it comes to travel, 'carpe diem' is the motto that this solo wanderer lives by.

Who said that traveling alone meant you had to feel lonely? Writer Jennifer Huber decided that rather than “waiting for Mr. Right”, there was no better time than right now to experience the adventure of travel. Her goal is to inspire and empower other globetrotters to let go of fear and start seizing the day through one of the best ways possible – travel. Jennifer doesn’t lose sight of the fact that while you’re traveling, you also need a little rest and relaxation – and during these moments, you may want to read up on politics, health and beauty, and women’s issues. The main theme of the blog is travel, but rather than simply relay her experiences in her many chosen destinations, she provides tips on everything from traveling solo for the first time, to how to use a Japanese toilet. Top themes covered include Florida travel, domestic and international travel, food, adventure activities in the Great Outdoors, products reviews, and travel with a dog. The eclectic, entertaining, and useful aspects of this blog have garnered it many awards, including Feedspot’s Top 100 Solo Female Travel Blogs & Websites for Solo Female Travelers (Sept 2017).


The Travelling Slacker

India is known for its fascinating history, gourmet, and natural sites, all of which you can discover on this blog.

From the desolate valleys of the Himalayas to the forgotten vestiges of the great Indian plains, this blog is dedicated to those who are intrigued by the beauty of ‘the land of mystery and diversity’. ‘The slacker’, who writes the blog, is interested in extreme budget travel and offbeat destinations. His aim is to savor the very essence of unique Indian destinations without being distracted by luxury. If the Indian Himalayas have always intrigued you, head straight to this category, where powder-white mountain peaks, emerald-hued valleys, and dreamlike lakes will put you under their spell. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Ladakh each offer a host of visually stunning treks, though there is also something for those who love visiting temples (see the main Shiva temple in Baijnath), gorgeous water features (like the Atri Muni Falls), and prehistoric rock art features (which abound in Ladakh). The blog also meanders through Delhi, North East India, Deccan, and more, introducing you to exotic creatures such as the Himalayan Monal pheasant and one-horned rhinos. Finally, it invites you to make it all happen via practical travel tips on bus times, hotels, and local festivals.


Crazy Wanderer

Stunning photographs and panoramic videos make this blog an ideal stop for design lovers.

“Traveling is for everyone. Stop thinking and start packing,” says Pankti, the blogger/entrepreneur behind this visually arresting page. From the word go you will be enticed by the gorgeous background video, some of which feature Pankti, taking revolving 360º shots of herself in the many destinations she visits. Pankti is as passionate about travel as she is about digital marketing, and this shows in the visual splendor of each of her entries. Panoramic videos and stunning still photography bring the beauty of her chosen destinations to the reader in an immediate, powerful way that. Click on Destinations and you will find an eclectic list of entries that includes the serene Dudhani Lake in Silvassa, the pristine waters of the Seychelles, and luxurious experiences at the glamorous Ranthambore Mount Valley Resort. The blog also has an entire section on suggested accommodations, as well as a Lifestyle section that focuses on ‘travelling within’ – i.e. on spiritual, intellectual, and professional matters. Readers can also head straight to Bhutan, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, or Indonesia, by clicking on the Top Destinations category.


Where in the World is Kate?

Being in your 50s doesn't mean you have to settle down; quite the contrary, it is the perfect time to see the world.

Who said that solo travel was just for the young? Kate is a single woman in her 50s who travels alone, since meeting new people and learning new things do not end in your 20s or 30s. Her blog aims to save readers money and time so they can feel confident about enjoying the world, whether they are busy executives or students on a budget. Kate has been just about anywhere you can think of. For an inkling as to what to expect, click onto ‘Travel Tales’, where you will find entries on cruising in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, wining and dining in Melbourne, and safety tips for visiting Mexico when you’re a solo female traveler. Kate has a pretty neat bucket list too, in which she states her plans for travel both in the U.S, and abroad. If you have already narrowed down your own list of must-visit places, then click on the Destinations button. From Australia to China, Cyprus to Iceland, Ireland to Vietnam, you will find inspirational stories, tips, and inner reflections on how travel broadens your horizons and turns you into a lifelong learner. Don’t know how to pack? Check out Kate’s handy Packing List and read up on how to plan your trip while you’re at it.


Charlotte Anne

Based in Baguio, this blogger writes about exploration, personal goals, and top places to dine.

“Written with love from the perspective of a Filipino female traveller,” Charlotte Anne offers destination advice, info on new cultures and adventures, and occasional luxurious content. The blogger hails from Baguio – a dreamlike mountainside destination far from the hustle and bustle of the Philippines’ capital city, Manila. Charlotte invites you to indulge in gourmet cuisine in Baguio, immerse yourself in the steaming hot Mae Kha-Jan hot springs in Thailand, and get caught in the whirlwind of sights and sounds in the busy city of Ho Chi Minh. The site is easy to navigate, allowing you to search by destination or by category – select from Eat, Life, Sleep, Style, or Travel. The Life category will be very much in line with millennial readers’ interests. Entries include dreams of exploration, personal goals, and fashion. This eclectic, small, yet visually rich blog is perfect for flicking through when you are tied up between flights and you are keen to discover a new restaurant, city, or hotel. Turn to the Blog section for enviable experiences in Miami, Iceland, and Taiwan. This section also features general articles on travel, restaurant reviews, and dining advice.



A fascinating blog written by a bevy of travelers who share an adventurous and curious spirit.

There is power in numbers, especially when it comes to information. This fun-loving blog is penned by a group of world travelers keen on sharing all sorts of travel related content with readers. Blog founder, Abang Fadli has been to so many destinations, his life often seems ‘charmed’ and his friendly attitude shines through in his written and video work. This blog reads a bit like a travel magazine, with easy-to-find sections that will take you exactly where you need to go. The writing is slick and professional, and it makes sense considering the members of the team range from bloggers to travel influencers, and vloggers. There is a savvy millennial spirit to the blog, which contains beautiful imagery to back the dynamic writing. The Travel News section is a must-read, with information on developments in the travel industry, interesting deals, and new travel tech developments. The site features detailed information on Malaysia itself, as well as articles focused on Asia. There is also a small sprinkling of reviews on other countries, including Turkey, Croatia, and Iran. The Reviews section, meanwhile, is conveniently categorized into cruises, accommodation, attractions, airlines, festivals, and food. This blog is an absolute must for your Favorites bar, with new updates and vital information that frequent travelers cannot afford to miss out on. This is serious, trustworthy, authoritative travel blogging at its best.


The Poor Nomad

Cost saving is possible when seeing the world; check out Tirtho's blog for great advice on how to do so.

If the one thing that is stopping you from visiting India is your budget, Tirtho, founder of this imaginative blog is here to help, with a host of cost saving ideas for backpackers and other budget travelers. He has visited a small number of countries, but has travelled over 43,000 kilometers with his backpack. His site is centered on five places – Delhi, Manali, Ladakh, Sikkim, and Goa. This blog may have begun with small aims, but it has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Hindu, and Your Story owing to its in-depth information on India. You will find useful destination guides, travel hacks, news, and food guides. The Poor Nomad has the wonder of experience-based travel stamped all over it. Far from covering typical sites, it takes the reader off piste, with adventures to majestic natural sites such as the Jogini Waterfalls in Manali, Lonar Crater Lake in India, and Prashar Lake in Himachal. The Travel Hacks and Travel News sites keeping you informed on important laws and rules – including the new Indian visa rules. If you have a moment to spare, head straight to the Recent Stories panel on the right-hand side of the page. It will give you useful advice and ideas on places to visit you probably won’t find in a standard travel book on India.


We Go Solo

Meet 'hi and bye' friends while you're traveling and if you like them enough, turn your solo trip into a connected one.

You may be traveling alone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to connect up with like-minded globetrotters while you’re on the move. This is the spirit of We Go Solo – a site that introduces you to “the ultimate ‘hi and bye’ travel friends with no strings attached.” Have you ever experienced FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? That can certainly happen when you are travelling by yourself. However, if you are in far-off lands you may not likely see again in your lifetime, missing out on to-die-for sites is something you may not forgive yourself for. This is where the power of networking comes in! Blog founder, Jacqueline Butler, admits to having left a sobbing child behind as she “cycled off on her pink Hello Kitty bicycle to do my volunteering in Cambodia.” She believes in living life to the full, and it shows in her travel blog (she recently covered New Zealand and Australia). We Go Solo has a handy tool you can use to meet up with new friends, regardless of where you are going. Just plot your trip on the map, find out how many travelers will be in our area, say hello, and if you like, meet up!


1Fungrl Travels

Get into the thick of things in this blog, catching every festival there is and immersing yourself in the local gastronomy and culture.

If you have a thirst for adventure that can seemingly never be quenched, Bobbi’s blog for travel fanatics may be right up your street. Bobbi seems to be attracted to both quirky and nature-inspired travel. As such, she covers everything from the tomato fight festival in Spain to scuba diving amidst schools of rainbow-hued fish in the Great Barrier Reef. Content is centered on a select number of destinations, including Australia, Dubai, Europe, Malaysia, and North America. The content is a mixture of travel advice (e.g. ‘Best Places to Visit in New Zealand’), and tips on travel and life abroad. ‘Unique Things to Do in New York’, ‘The Best things in Life are in Spain’ and ‘Why You Should Make Nassau Your Number One Destination this Summer’ are just a few articles that really give you a bird’s eye view of the most quintessential experiences and unforgettable natural sites abroad. Bobbi manages to capture the ‘spirit’ of each land she visits, plunging into the thick of things and embracing the unusual.


Explore Your Life Now

Southeast Asia has many unknown escapes you can discover in this specialized blog - from steaming hot springs to cloud-covered mountaintops, find them here.

The exotic island of Mallorca is home base for Eva, a blogger who is a self-confessed foodie, beach lover, and world wanderer. Her Travel Hacks section answers pretty important questions (How can you avoid getting sick in Asia? How can you reduce travel expenses? Can you stay fit while sampling local cuisine?). Meanwhile, the blog section focus strongly on Southeast Asia. In addition to covering big city life (Singapore and Bangkok spring to mind), she also suggests lesser known oases like Pai – home to one of the most beautiful ‘terraced’ hot springs in the world. Finding unexpected temples, exploring the almost alien-like Pai Grand Canyon, and swimming by a waterfall are a few gems to be discovered by shunning bright lights and big cities in favor of nature escapes. From Krabi to Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya to Koh Chang, Eva will tell you how to get there and how to make the most of your time. The blog is rich in Asian content but also covers a few European countries and even has a style blog for those who like to keep up the glam factor while traveling.


Where's The Charm?

Travel involves more than discovery; it also requires planning, so as to lower costs and savor your chosen destination for as long as possible.

When your heart and soul tell you that you your life needs to change, pay heed to this calling. This is exactly what Charmaine, founder of this blog did many years ago, when she embarked on her first solo trip to Asia from her home base, Toronto. One of the most appealing features of this blog is the simplicity of its layout. There are two main sections, the first is ‘Where’s the Charm’, featuring advice on everything from finding tailor-made items in China to using credit cards with no foreign transaction fees. The second section, ‘Where in the World’, comprises specific destinations. There are 12 in total (Cambodia, China, Ecuador, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam and more), though the list will surely grow as the number of Charmaine’s sojourns increases. The site also has a ‘Where I’m Published’ section, comprising Charmaine’s articles published in other publications. Topics range from ‘Japanese Onsen Etiquette’ to ‘3 Reasons Why You Should Try Travelling Alone’. This is a lovely blog whose entirety is palatable enough to be inspirational rather than overwhelming.


P.S I'm On My Way

From white sand beaches to lush mountainside trecks, this blog is ideal for those wishing to get closer to nature.

A word of warning if you haven’t had a vacation in ages: this blog will cause serious cravings for flight. The homepage is a burst of blue, featuring just about the best symbol of relaxation possible: a photograph of a woman lying in a hammock suspended above the crystalline waters of a pure white-sand beach. The woman is Trish, and she tells the reader that she didn’t quit her job to travel the world, Rather, she made traveling her full-time job. “I am not traveling. I just choose to be somewhere else, all the time,” she says, highlighting one important fact about travel: it truly is a mindset. The blog covers an enviable wide array of countries, including Argentina, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Malawi, the Maldives, the Philippines, and more. Trisha has seen approximately half the world and she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. The blog features travel guides, individual experiences (including wine testings, short itineraries and living with families abroad). It also gives important advice on safe places for women to travel alone, visa requirements, and scams to beware of. The blog is filled with gems of information on so many themes, including gorgeous places to dine with a view and seeing a city in 14 days on a budget of $200 US.