20 Enthralling Blogs For Travelling On A Budget


Big World Small Pockets

With a tagline like “spend less, travel more” this blog is pretty self-explanatory. Featuring budget travel tips, budgeting resources and so much more, this is your one-stop shop for great travel advice without breaking the bank.

More than a mere budget travel blog, Big World Small Pockets is perhaps the most comprehensive travel blog on the internet today. Why? It offers budget-friendly travel ideas for travellers of all types and styles. The content that it provides is straightforward and easy to understand while offering updated tips, tricks, and ideas of what to do and where to go. On this blog, for example, you’ll find articles such as a budget backpacking itinerary in Bulgaria, where to stay in Prague on a budget, and even ideas for day trips from London that won’t break the bank. The real value of this blog, however, lies in the fact that the author offers blogging resources for other travellers who want to make money as a way to offset travelling costs. If you’re looking for ways to increase your remote-working income, definitely check out this website’s resources that offer training guides for social media automation, design tools, and email marketing suggestions to help create your own income-generating travel website.


Phenomenal Globe

Perhaps the greatest thing about this blog is the comprehensive Phenomenal Globe Travel Planning Library where you can find all travel planning resources such as tips and advice, budget breakdown infographics, travel itineraries, and tons of other free tips and guides.

Phenomenal Globe’s travel planning library is one of the most complete budget travel resources online for modern-day travellers. Not only do they help budget travellers by offering them free guides such as a list of budget accommodations and reviews for each or an 8-day itinerary in Cambodia, for example, but they also offer tips that they weave seamlessly in and out of their articles with ease. The budget breakdown infographic for Canada, for example, is incredibly helpful in planning a trip (and even includes numbers and figures in local currency), and the transportation guides can save travellers a lot of money in getting from point A to point B and how much it should cost you in the specific destination. Designed to help travellers avoid falling into tourist traps and committing some novice errors, this blog should definitely be a part of your pre-departure reading list before planning your next adventure.


Budget Traveller

What’s so great about this blog is that every single article is infused with a budget-friendly attitude. The content is written as if it were for National Geographic but with naturally woven-in budget-friendly tips and resources.

The author of Budget Traveller has been travelling around the world for over nine years now, in search of how to combine travelling in style while also on a budget. While you’re browsing the many articles you’ll find on Budget Traveller, you’ll probably notice a section titled “Budget Sleeps.” While this site’s articles are informative, helpful, and vary across different types of cities and continents, as a budget traveller you’ll really want to check out the “Budget Sleeps” section. Here is where you’ll find some of the most amazing tips that will save you literally hundreds during your travels. The author has personally visited and reviewed various different hostels, some of them even luxury, just for your benefit. The “Cheap Eats” guide is just as rich in material (and includes enticingly beautiful photos). If you’re travelling and need to save money on food but still want to enjoy the local cuisine, take a look at this section. This blog truly does challenge people to think differently about budget travel, it does so in an informative and creative way.


Atlas & Boots

This blog is budget-friendly focused for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers! Offering great tips and resources, what really makes this blog stand out is the Remote Jobs section that gives travellers the opportunity to earn while exploring.

National Geographic-like articles, stunning photos, a remote job board, and high-quality videos? What does this blog not have? With well-written articles that delve into topics such as hot port travel destinations to deeper travel culture issues like the safety of solo female travelling, Atlas & Boots covers it all while keeping budget at the forefront of its message. After watching the amazing videos, reading the survival guides, and exploring their explorer section, you might feel exhausted (or inspired) from the overload of stunning, visual information. This is a great time to check out their job board, where they’ve cultivated a great community of people looking for and offering remote working jobs for travellers. Because of the connections that the author of this blog has, they’ve developed relationships with companies looking to employ smart, hardworking people who are dedicated to improving their professional life along the way. This is what makes this blog so great, as it provides budget travel tips while offering a way for travellers to add to their savings while travelling.


Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Ideal for budget-friendly backpackers who don’t mind staying in a hostel, Backpacks and Bunkbeds offers great reviews of hostels while also providing useful info on backpacking, road trips, and even volunteering.

The author of this blog is Neil, and he’s worked since 2005 to build and develop his wee budget travel blog. In 2010 he shifted gears and starting playing in the big leagues, which is when he created Backpacks and Bunkbeds. The goal is to review hostels, cruise destinations and even volunteer opportunities while always coming in under budget. While the content is amazing and incredibly dense, what’s particularly impressive about this blog is the ease with which you can navigate it to get around and find what you need. If you’re reading a budget travel blog about Petra, for example, you’ll find clickable links that will take you to other budget travel tips for all of Jordan. That, combined with the interactive map makes this website incredibly helpful and also great for modern-day travellers looking for a different type of travel blog experience. The best thing of all? You’ll also gain access to great discount codes just by checking out the site itself.


The Thought Card

It’s hard to find a more comprehensive travel blog that’s so centered around finances. Not only does The Thought Card offer budget travel tips, but they also offer budget breakdowns and even a budget course to help you get on the right track.

With a tagline like “make travel a financial priority,” it’s easy to understand what the author of The Thought Card really wants to offer its readers. Planning, saving and affording your travel lifestyle is made easy with this blog’s finance section. Combine that with insightful budget breakdowns for various popular travel destinations all over the world and even a budget course, and you’ve got yourself a pretty comprehensive guide for budget-friendly travel. If you’re a little iffy about accepting travel and financial advice from somebody online, then you’ll be pleased to know that the author, Danielle, paid off $63,000 of student loan debt, bought a house at 27, and travelled to nearly 30 countries while climbing the corporate ladder. Still think the advice might not be suited to you and your lifestyle and travel needs? Check out her podcast and listen to her interact with other travellers just like yourself.


Uncharted Backpacker

Offering stunning NatGeo-quality photos in combination with blogs like “How to Find Cheap Flights” and “How to Save Money on the Road” make this blog the perfect mixture of wanderlust and a budget mindset.

Even if all of the stunning visual content on this website were missing or down due to a lag in the internet connection, this blog would still be outstanding purely based on the money-saving tips it offers. What’s so great about this blog is that it focuses on budget-friendly travel hacks and money-saving tips that are easy for travellers to implement themselves or integrate into their adventurous lifestyle. With blogs covering topics such as how to deal with foreign banks and ATMS to interviews with travel banking advisors, you’ll find the content is rich with real, actionable advice that you, as a traveller, can actually take and replicate. You’ll also find insightful content that really delves into the culture of various travel destinations, which is a creative difference from typical backpacking travel blogs. As an extra special bonus, the author is a professional photographer, so the images that accompany his written content are high-quality and have been featured in publications such as Business Insider, National Geographic, Lonely Planet and even Matador Network.


Feather & the Wind

Part of budget travelling includes finding inspiration for your travels beforehand so you can plan properly. This is exactly what this blog provides you with - stunning photos, even more stunning professional videos, and magazine-like articles where you’ll find tips about free activities.

This travel couple is made up of a husband and wife whose passion lies in storytelling. It’s incredibly evident, not only in the content they write but also in their filmmaking techniques and style. Their videos alone are inspiring enough to get strict with your budget and save for your next big travel trip. However, there’s more to Feather & the Wind than just stunning travel videos set in exotic, faraway lands. Instead of simply offering standard budget travel tips, this blog gives real information and travel hacks to its readers. Their blog covering how to enjoy a free Sunday morning bike ride in Mexico City is detailed, down to an hour-by-hour itinerary where you’ll figure out exactly where to ride to and what to do all without spending a single peso. Factor in the stunning, high-quality travel photos and you’ll be left feeling inspired and with full pockets.


Y Travel

This blog is family-focused, which means they’ve developed lots of great travel tips and tricks regarding budgeting. You’ll especially love the trip planning features as well as the category of how to save money on accommodation.

If you’re travelling as a family and you need to stick to a budget, then you’ll absolutely want to take a look at Y Travel. Designed by parents, for parents, this blog features great travel content that ranges from reviews of budget accommodations and tips accrued from over twenty years of travelling (both pre and post-kids). What most parents seem to lack when it comes to planning family trips is the ability to understand how to hack your way through travelling with kids, including how not to waste money on things you probably don’t need. Start by sifting through their “Plan Your Trip” section and get an idea of where you’ll go and what you’ll do with your kids. Then, hit up the “Save Money on Accommodation” section in order to dive deeper into the actual booking of your trip. Here is where you’ll find the most helpful tips, especially if you’re booking planes and hotels as part of a group larger than three or four.


Mindful Travel by Sara

City guides are a great way to prepare for a trip beforehand in order to avoid falling into tourist traps and wasting money on useless activities and events. This blog is home to many “top ten” city guides where you’ll be able to get access to great tips regarding what to do and where to go.

Looking to travel to top international destinations without spending a dime over your budget? Mindful Travel by Sara is the blog for you. Offering tips, tricks, and insightful information regarding activities to plan that won’t cost you a penny, this blog is great also for the mindful aspect it provides travellers with. The best part? Blogs feature multiple additional videos that make the information easy to digest and provide you with a bit of a geographical and visual perspective with which to understand the city you’re looking at travelling to. The Madrid city guide, for example, offers tips on how to move around the city on the metro, which free tours are worth booking, and which days you can visit museums for free in the Spanish capital. All of these tips are accompanied by videos that are entertaining and engaging. What more could you ask for?


You Could Travel

Not only is You Could Travel designed so professionally that it looks like a real travel magazine, but the husband and wife team behind this blog provide such great city guides that you’ll find yourself saving money on wasted time and adventures. The “Where to Stay” section is the cherry on top of the travel blog sundae.

This blog is designed to inspire exciting soft adventure travel suitable for all travellers who love the perfect blend of culture, tradition and outdoors. You Could Travel truly caters to first-time travellers, and this is incredibly helpful if you’re a novice and don’t know what to do, where to look for accommodation, or how to travel budget-friendly. With tips ranging from where to stay in Seattle or Barcelona to free travel guides offering more than enough information to get you started on a fun, budget adventure, this blog is great for even those who’ve been around the world and back. Their “Travel Shop” is unique in that it offers suggestions for travel gear that they’ve tried, loved and would recommend to other travellers looking for quality items that aren’t outrageously expensive. As an added benefit, they’ve also got expat guides online to help digital nomads and travellers truly settle into life as an expat if they decide to call one foreign country home for a bit longer than just a few weeks or even months.


Indiana Jo

Great for all types of travellers, Indiana Jo is especially helpful for solo female travellers looking to engage in adventurous activities on a budget. Check out the “Planning” section where you’ll find information regarding how to budget, how to save, and even how to plan a cheap itinerary to various cities.

Right from the get-go, you know that this woman knows what she’s talking about. Under her “Budget & Travel” section you’ll find high-quality and insightful articles written with a very honest and straightforward tone. Her blog “How Much Does it Cost to Travel” truly answers a lot of questions that travellers have when heading out into the world for the first time, and it gives people an idea of what to expect in terms of finances. However, her blog is filled with a lot more content that’s equally as helpful and insightful, so be prepared to take some notes when heading over to Indiana Jo. She writes a lot about travel hacking, which is a fairly new phenomenon in the world of travellers, and a topic that not many other bloggers on this list take the time to really delve into. This blog is worth checking out simply for those types of hacking tips, but you’ll stay for the delightful content and high-quality tricks for booking flights and cheap hotel accommodations.


Bucket List Journey

What’s particularly stunning about this blog is the map function they’ve got that allows you to search for your next adventure. This, combined with the amazing personal, inspiring and uplifting content will have you excited to plan budget-friendly trips while crossing destinations off your own bucket list.

Ready to plan the bucket list adventure of your dreams? This blog not only shares encouraging, uplifting stories of one woman who made a decision to change her life and dedicate herself to making the most of her travels, but it has one of the easiest map functions of any blog on this list. Simply choose your destination, sift through the ample information available to you and then enjoy budget-friendly tips that will allow you to take the trip (or trips) of your dreams without going overboard on the budget. On top of the great content that will leave you inspired and dreaming about your next trip, you will definitely want to check out the detailed travel blogs themselves as the budget travel tips are always peppered throughout in a way that feels natural. Enjoy travel guides and insightful content from all around the world while taking advantage of the fact that this blog is designed for adult travellers who want to stick to a budget without having to stay in youth hostels and forego all of the pleasures that make crossing items of your bucket list so deliciously pleasing and memorable.


Hayley on Holiday

Not only is Hayley an experienced traveller, but she’s also a writer, which makes her content extra superb and easy to read. However, her resources page has great information regarding how to get good deals on flights, alternatives to booking expensive hotels and much, much more.

Perhaps one of the most well-written blogs on this list, Hayley on Holiday is a professional writer who has dedicated herself to exploring and enjoying the nomadic lifestyle for many years. Begin your leisurely read here on the resources page, where you will find great budget travel information that cannot be found on other blogs. Becaues Hayley is Australian, she really caters adds a unique angle to her content, and especially to the budgeting resources. Enjoy tips and travel hacks such as when to purchase plane tickets and travel to the port from various airlines in order to snag the best price and great alternative options and reviews to booking expensive hotels. What makes her budget travel tips so great is that she has actually lived the experiences she is writing about and can therefore provide her readers with much more personal, accurate and tried and tested information. It is clear that she has gone to great lengths to cultivate a great budget-friendly travel blog, and the resources she gives are a testament to that. Her actual blogs themsevles are equally as helpful and equally as well-crafted.


Who Needs Maps

The couple behind Who Needs Maps has visited all seven continents, ensuring that their travel tips and budget hacks are more than comprehensive. While great for budget-friendly travel, this blog also offers incredibly insightful content, such as their list of the best coffee around the world.

It is quite hard to find a travel blog, especially a budget-friendly one, that includes information regarding budget travel to Antarctica. However, Who Needs Maps has got you covered. If you're looking for financial travel hacks an want to explore destinations spanning all the way from the Arctic to Asia and even the Australian Outback, then look no further. The couple behind the blog has travelled to all seven continents in order to bring you great travel reviews, trip suggestions, hotel recommendations and so much more. They're great at curating lists of their top travel spots, even including some remote spots that are a bit more unknown on the traditional travel circuit. As a perk, they've even designed their own ¨best coffee in the world¨ list that will serve to keep you caffeinated while travelling around (don't worry, the cafes they include are pretty budget-friendly too).


Dan Flying Solo

Reading more like a NatGeo Wild travel show, this blog features amazing written content and even better video. Our pro tip is just to watch the videos. There you’ll find more than enough of what you need and want.

There's nothing quite like finding a travel blog that provides you with really great, well-written and helpful content. That is, unless, the travel blog also includes stunning, well-produced travel videos that look like they could be aired on NatGeo Wild. That's exactly what Dan Flying Solo is: a one man show that literally looks like it could be a real show. Each articles is like an episode of adventure television and includes more travel tips, tricks, hacks and secrets than you might have time to process. Watch the videos, take notes, and learn from Dan's travels in order to plan your own budget-friendly trips without wasting time or money on cities, activites, or food that really isn't worth the trouble. Then, enjoy getting lost in the endless sea of content available at your fingertips. Who knows, mayve you will feel so inspired that you'll consider creating your own travel TV show to begin adding savings to your travel budget.


Two Birds Breaking Free

Break free from financial struggles by indulging in this blog’s content. You’ll want to head directly over to their “Saving Money” section to enjoy tips catered towards travelling such as how to avoid international ATM fees and how to outwit online travel booking websites.

The conecpt behind this blog is truly great, as the idea is to help people break free from their current lifestyles, jobs and mindsets. Begin your breaking free journey by taking a gander at the ¨Saving Money¨ section. Here you will be able to get the low-down on hidden travel hacks that not many travellers are aware of, especially if they're new to life as a nomad. These tips includle not-so-obvious budget tips such as how to avoid conversion fees from your bank when withdrawing money overseas or how to make a travel-optimised credit card work for you when spending and earning points. This blog, while not as comprehensive and diverse in its travel material, is actually one of the best simply for the unique financial tips that it offers to its readers. If you are planning a trip, definitely take a look at these before spending money abroad! Then, enjoy the additional inspirational content and prepare to break free from your financial worries when travelling to a new destination.


The Global Couple

From suggested itineraries to travel resources, this blog’s got it all. Travel 101 will provide you with “roundup” posts where they recap everything they’ve experienced in order for you to learn and plan accordingly.

You don't have to be reading pure budget travel tips to take away some insight into how to save money. Sometimes, all you need is a really detailed roundup of what there is to do in a city, how munch you can expect to pay to do it, and the easiest way of booking that stay or activity. This is what The Global Couple provides: city guides in the form of roundups that include the authors' favorite spots, top-rated eateries and more. These guides are great, in part, because the couple behind the blog has taken a lot of time to truly explore certain travel destinations in order to cultivate these roundups. Also, however, they are great simply because they're pretty detailed, fun to read, and offer great pictures to look at when searching for inspiration in a particular location. Once you feel inspired, take a look at the suggested itineraries to get an idea of what to plan and when to plan it in order to optimise your time and money when visiting a new city or country. Remember to research your hotel stays properly to maximize your savings!


Wanderers of the World

This blog focuses nearly entirely on European destinations, so consider this a great place to start if you’re looking for tips that can help you plan a budget-friendly adventure in the UK or somewhere close.

Natives of the UK will really benefit from this blog as its content sticks pretty close to home. The UK-based couple behind Wanderers of the World is just getting started on their travel journey and has decided to offer readers insight into UK-based locations and a few others throughout Europe. Not only are these budget-friendly and great for a weekend getaway, but they are also great reminders of what types of adventures await you in your own backyard. Don't let the local nature of their content fool you, however, as it is still very comprehensive in the informaion that it offers and includes great photos. As an added note, because the couple is still gaining momentum on their journey as travellers, their point of view is very genuine and similar to most readers' when it comes to the type of planning they do and the budget that they have. To put it simply: this blog is for normal, everyday travellers just like you, designed by everyday travellers just like you.


On a Cheap Trip

The name gives this one away. If you’re looking for tips on how to plan a cheap trip, start here. While this blog focuses more so on adventure trips in India, it’s a great place for budget trips that include a bit of the outdoors.

While this blog nearly entirely focuses on cheap trips all over India, it’s ingenious in that each blog comes with a price tag attached to it. Want to know how much it would cost you to take a two-day “backpacking” trip through Jodhpur? He’s figured it out for you. Interested in budgeting how much money you’ll need for an adventure to North Goa? He’s done the math for you. So, while you’ll only find India-related travel blogs and tips on this blog, it’s a really great resource and a fantastic way to organise a budget travel blog that others can take note of. There’s no doubt that if you’re planning a trip to India and really want to stick to a budget, this is the number one blog for you. Read through his articles to figure out exactly what to do, enjoy his inspiring photos, and then take note of the price listed at the end of each adventure to get a detailed, comprehensive idea of what it will cost you to replicate the entire thing.