14 Ultimate Blogs For Travelling With Pets


Go Pet Friendly

If you're even thinking about travelling with your pet, this is the first site you should check out. Full of destination guides and the most comprehensive pet road trip planner we've ever seen, Go Pet Friendly has all of the information you need.

From travel planners to destination guides, Go Pet Friendly is your top source for all things related to travelling with a pet. Not only is the blog portion of their website particularly helpful, with articles ranging from gift guides for adventurous pets to “Top X Things to Do” in various cities around the world, but they’ve got a built-in planning feature that will help you plan road trips with your furry friends while dishing out tips along the way. You simply have to enter the starting point and destination and then the planner provides you with the option to choose whether or not you want to look for hotels, restaurants, campgrounds or more. The nifty planner shows you where along your route you can stop and voila! We especially love the gear guide section of the blog, which offers tips on trusted travel and safety gear for both dogs and cats, which is as inclusive as we’ve ever seen.


Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

If you're planning a trip with your pet and want ideas on where to go, what to do and even how to dress them accordingly, you need to see what Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is up to.

Perhaps the most adventurous dog out there, Crusoe is a miniature dachshund that’s been around the world to places like the Bahamas, Florida, France, Italy, Switzerland. He’s even toured all across the US & Canada, so he’s quite the travel expert. This blog puts a unique spin on the normal pet travel blogs as Crusoe is the protagonist of most of the articles, leading you around the world in cute little bowties and funky speedos. Instead of merely detailing where to go, what to do, and tips for making the most of a trip with a pet, Crusoe takes you on adventures with him in a way that inspires pets and their owners both to get up and go explore the world. The cute yet impressively made videos that they post of Crusoe in daring, TV show-like situations don’t hurt the overall entertainment value of this blog either. We came for the cute dachshund in funny outfits but we stayed for the superb, travel-enticing content, both written and visual


Dog Jaunt

Great for families looking to travel with their smaller pets, this blog is dedicated to providing travel guides as well as more practical information such as travel health forms and similar documents.

While this blog specifically focuses on travelling with a small dog, it’s pretty relevant for all pets. DogJaunt is one of the most comprehensive pet travel websites we have come across, and it’s organised in a way that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether that be international travel tips, pet packing checklists or even easy to download travel health documents for your pet. This should be your go-to blog if you’re looking to learn about the nitty-gritty of travelling with a pet, such as which immunisations they might need or what kind of paperwork you’ll want to have on hand for them at the airport. What’s especially impressive about this blog is the attention to detail they place on other modes of transportation, such as travelling with your pet by bus, boat, bike or even by public transport in other cities. They have conveniently gathered public transport guides for various cities around the United States and Europe to make it easier for you to plan your trip.


Ammo the Dachshund

If you want to have adventures with your pet but aren't quite confident they'll be able to handle it, take a look at Ammo the Dachshund to get a little travel inspiration.

Much like Crusoe, Ammo is an adorable little dachshund that loves to go on adventures. While his travels are more US-based than anything else, the blog still serves as an inspirational guide to other pet owners who want to have adventures on a daily basis and want to do so with their furry friends by their side. From stunningly impressive photos of Ammo enjoying a day at the lake to costume photoshoots with his human little sister, this blog shows pet owners all around the world that you can incorporate your pet into your daily adventures and do so with ease. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of this blog is the “Gear” section, which provides a pretty extensive overview of the gear that this family has tried and loved for their dog while travelling or simply partaking in adventures out on the open road. If you’re particularly fond on Pinterest, then you’ll definitely want to check out Ammo’s Pinterest page as well, where you’ll find a lot of DIY tips and travelling hacks fitted for any adventurous little pet.


Dog Tipper

The authors behind this blog have over 20 years of experience as travel guidebook authors, and now they're using their expertise to share their pet travel guides with you.

The owners of Dog Tipper are veteran writers with over 20 years of experience as travel guidebook authors. They’ve written over 35 guidebooks and more than 2,000 magazine and newspaper articles about destinations ranging from Jamaica to Jordan, the Bahamas to Borneo. Dog Tipper is the culmination of their lives’ work and they’re using their expertise to take on pet travel. Touted as a guide for owners of rescue pets, both cats and dogs, who want to enjoy adventures with their furry friends, this blog has everything you need to know. Covering pet holidays, travel tips, and special pet travel news, not only is Dog Tipper incredibly organised and well-written, but it covers a variety of topics that any pet owner might want to know. From dog getaways to pet-friendly ghost tours, there’s definitely an article for any occasion, holiday or event. As an added perk, they’ve also conveniently created a 2019 Pet Holiday Calendar that compiles all of the special pet holidays in the coming year in case you’re looking for a reason to spoil your furry best friend with a surprise trip.


Carma Poodale

Honestly one of the most inclusive pet travel blogs out there, this blog even has travel tips for rabbits and service pets.

Topping the list for the multi-species angle it takes, Carma Poodale not only discusses travel for dogs and cats but bunnies as well! Speedy, a male Himalayan Rex Rabbit, is the author of most of their articles and takes readers on his adventures with him as he discusses what it’s like to be out in the open as opposed to pent up in a cage. His best friend was a service dog (Carma Poodle) who also loved to travel, and together they’ve written articles that range from bunny outings to the beach to what it’s like to travel in a plane or in public with a service dog. Owners of service dogs will find this blog particularly helpful as the author is a woman living with MS whose dog was a trained medical alert service dog and subsequently traveled with her to various cities.


Golden Woofs

Especially great if you're looking for tips on dog-friendly hotel stays and car travel, Golden Woofs also provides top-notch dog treat recipes your furry friend is sure to love.

For owners of larger pets such as golden retrievers, this is the travel blog for you. Golden Wolf follows the lives of Sugar, the former star of the blog and author of best-selling pet cookbook Cooking for Sugar, and the current star, her sister Koru Bear. While the former was most widely known for her delicious and healthy dog treat recipes, the website also covers equal amounts of travel-related topics. From comprehensive, detailed guides to various luxury hotels across the United States to content surrounding what types of cars are best to travel with pets in, this blog offers quality content for owners of big pets. While most of their content is centered around locations in the United States, the tips and advice they give in each blog is pretty relevant to pet travel in various locations, as you’ll learn about how to travel in a car with your pet, what to take with you and even how to easily check into a luxury hotel with a dog by your side.


Fidose of Reality

Often forgotten in favor of the more "obvious" travel topics, Fidose of Reality provides great tips on the emotinal health and well-being of your pets before a big trip.

More than a simple travelling blog, Fidose of Reality offers exactly what the name suggests: a healthy dose of reality in the form of health and wellness tips. While the blog’s author does focus a bit on travelling with pets, what makes this blog stand out is its dedication to providing health and wellness tips that many pet owners seem to overlook when planning a travelling tip with their furry friends. The “Emotional Health” section is particularly great and filled with interesting content, as the topics of behaviour and mental stimulation are incredibly important when travelling with your pet but are often forgotten when thinking about booking a pet-friendly hotel or finding the best pet-friendly airline. Be sure to give this blog a look when dealing with the emotional aspect that travelling will take on both you and your pet and check out their “Products” section for great reviews on safety gear that can be worn while travelling to increase the overall happiness of your best friend.


Tenacious Little Terrier

Training your pet to behave before a big adventure is just as important as packing their luggage, and this blog provides you with all of the training tips and tricks you need to survive.

Another great blog for owners of smaller dogs or even cats, the Tenacious Little Terrier caters to travellers looking for tips on how to effectively train their pets before a big adventures. With a lot of material centered around the importance of behaviour training and how to go about engaging in such training with your pets, this is a great blog for pups that are interested in adventure but might not be 100% ready for it. Here you’ll find articles that range from how to train your dog to listen to you and impulse control with a very reactive dog to the importance of giving your dog rewards during a particularly stressful adventure. However, this blog also does publish great pet travel content, with guides to cities such as Detroit, Seattle and even a few snow-covered destinations that are definitely worth taking a look at.


Wag 'n Woof Pets

If you're about to head on an adventure to the great outdoors with your pets, definitely give this blog a look over.

If you’re into all-natural pet products and wide open spaces, then you’ll definitely want to check out Wag ‘n Woof Pets. The author is a dog and cat mom who lives on a farm with lots of space for her animals to run around and play. Due to this, she publishes a lot of content about the outdoors. Articles range from tips on how to ensure your pets stay safe while playing outdoors and teaching your pets the importance of how to properly interact with other animals in nature to tips on how to train your dogs. We feel that this blog is great for families looking to take their pets on outdoor travel adventures where they might be required to behave around animals such as ducks, geese, chickens, pigs or other small animals. Wag ‘n Woof Pets also provides a lot of great advice on how to prepare your pets for winter travel, which is especially great if you plan on braving the cold for a wintery adventure.


My GBGV Life

With a wide variety of topics covered, My GBGV Life is great for pet owners looking to cover all their bases and provides especially great content about road tripping.

Emma, the Grand Bassett behind My GBGV Life, has quite the personality, which is great considering she’s the author and owner of a pet travel blog. Emma’s owners brought her from Germany to the United States when she was just a wee pup, which means they know exactly what they’re talking about when they talk about pet travel. With categories ranging from travel and holidays to health and agility, this blog truly does seem to have it all covered in terms of content. Despite an early start abroad, the travels that Emma covers in this blog are largely focused on domestic road trips. These blogs, however, contain some pretty high-quality tips and information about road tripping with a pet that we think you’ll find especially helpful. It doesn’t hurt that Emma’s got huge puppy dog eyes that melt your heart every time you see her photo in a new article.


The Conscious Cat

You can't forget about the felines! The Conscious Cat is great for ensuring your cat is emotinally well enough to embark on a big adventure and even provides insight into pet reiki.

Finally, a blog dedicated to all things feline! While other blogs focus on pet travel in general, Conscious Cat is dedicated to serving the adventurous cat lovers all around the world. What’s most impressive about this blog is the sheer knowledge of felines, their health and overall emotional well-being that the author exhibits. With over 300 pages of content you can sift through, this blog is one of the most comprehensive cat guides we’ve seen and provides a lot of great insight into cat behaviour, health and how to ensure they’re physically and emotionally healthy enough to engage in travel with you. If you’re particularly into healing and want to ensure your cat is in tip-top shape before a trip, you can look into the “Reiki for Pets” section that the owner has up, which is interesting to say the least. Here you’ll find insight into on-site or remote healing sessions that seem to have worked for others.


Diamond Pup

Not quite sure what life jacket to get your pup before an ocean adventure? Need advice on the latest tick medicine ti ensure your dog is protected before a hike? Diamond Pup is your go-to place for all things product-related before travelling.

Following a blog dedicated to solely furry felines is a blog dedicated to publishing content only for precious pups. If you’re about to head out on holiday and are looking for product reviews on the latest accessories, grooming gear, dog food or even bedding and apparel, Diamond Pups is exactly the place you need to be browsing. Not only does this blog have endless reviews for products in a variety of categories, but they also publish content about training, health, safety and more that will serve you if you’re thinking about planning an outdoor adventure but want to know how to keep your pup safe from ticks, for example. We suggest paying special attention to their section that covers apparel as you’ll find a lot of great products for travel that range from life jackets to rain coats and even little boots that you can buy for your dog so they don’t get too dirty while heading out to explore with you. Their product reviews are impressive on their own, but the additional content really demonstrates the expertise they have behind their writing, and that’s something we can really get behind.


We're All About Cats

Get the lowdown on cat travel carriers and even cat travel insurance here, which is a great blog to read if you're looking for excellent reviews on feline-related travel (and everyday) products.

Okay, so one last blog for cats, as they often seem to get forgotten when discussing pet travel. We’re All About Cats is a well-written blog that discusses topics such as cat insurance (which is definitely a must-see topic if you’re planning on travelling with your cat), the best cat travel carriers, and even cat brushes that are ideal to take on trips with you to ensure your car or the airplane seat isn’t left with a little souvenir of cute cat fur when your trip is over. The owners of We’re All About Cats note that they’re dedicated to creating a space where cat owners and lovers can gather to share information in the hopes of learning more about cat health and psychology, and this mission truly shows through in their content. If you’re in need of great cat product reviews before a big travel trip or simply want content focused around the well-being of your cat to prepare yourself, and them, before a trip, this is definitely one blog you’ll want to check out.