11 Unmissable Blogs For Women Who Love To Travel


Globe Trotter Girls

This blog features vital information for female globetrotters, including tips on accommodation, LGBT travel, and a plethora of destinations.

This blog does just what its name promises – provide hot tips for female travelers, as well as key information on accommodation, hot destinations, LGBT travel, and more. It strikes the perfect balance between information and personal experience, thanks to cool posts from adventurous women of all ages. If you are a woman who is about to take on the world, make this your first stop. With categories such as Destinations and Accommodation, the blog will help you organize your trip and plan your trip to any continent or country you have been dreaming of. Because entries are written by full-time traveler, Dani, the writing is incredibly inspirational. It is perfect for those who know exactly where they want to be, but also for those who are open to new ideas. Thus, if you click onto a country, you will find a host of dynamic blogs on everything from romantic beach retreats to free things to do in the world’s most exciting cities. The main categories are varied and are aimed at everyone from foodies to bargain seekers. The blog also entices photography lovers with gorgeous Instagrammable shots and a special ‘Polaroid of the Week’.


Bucket List Journey

Spanning 50 countries and too many adventures to mention, this blog invites you to create your own bucket list and tick of every country on it!

“50 Countries, Countless Adventures” is how Annette White – founder of this dreamlike blog – describes her content, but as you click through each magnificent adventure, you begin to feel like she has somehow captured the essence of a life well lived. From visits to a Thai elephant sanctuary to a swimming with pigs in the Bahamas, Annette has seen it all – and she offers magnificent tips for foodies and hopeless romantics. The writing, penned by the writer of the book Bucket List Adventures, invites you to step outside your comfort zone and create your very own bucket list. Annette’s hope is that her own passion for travel will somehow encourage you, the reader, to take the small steps that will enable your dream of world travel, to come true. Annette herself provides various personal goals on her site, including further adventure, nature trips, relationship goals, and creative pursuits, letting you know which she has already ticked off. One of the most appealing things about her dreams is that they are both small and large. They include releasing baby turtles into the Ocean, standing under a waterfall, and witnessing a solar eclipse. Which of these ideas sounds most appealing to you?


Holidays to Europe

Europe is the focus in this blog, written by and for travelers with a passion for culture, architecture, and gastronomy.

Created for Aussie travelers wishing to experience the culture and nature of Europe, this blog features handy tips that helps readers enjoy a hassle-free trip to a plethora of European destinations, as well as a holiday directory, handy planning and packing trips, and information on everything from travel insurance to visa requirements. Carolyn, an Aussie who has become enamored by Europe, has been travelling to European destinations since 1988. She says her zest for travel is just as strong, and the quality of her blog is certainly testimony to that fact. This blog is ideal for those who aren’t just interested in the big ‘must see cities’, but rather, the quaint villages and rural landscapes that have a special ‘something’ travelers rave over. Carolyn has visited 21 countries so far but has a long bucket list that includes the Faroe Islands and Russia. Readers with a passion for information will love the Podcasts, featuring interesting interviews with movers and shakers in the industry – including cruise MDs, gourmet walking tour guides, and management from top railway lines.


Cheryl Howard

A blog that covers major and unexpected European sites, while delving deep into the dynamics of Berlin.

Cheryl Howard’s natural curiosity has taken her to 39 countries stretching across four continents. This Canadian wanderer fell so passionately in love with Europe that she packed up and moved to Berlin, where she works as an Agile Coach by day and blogs her travel experiences by night. The blog provides a wealth of vital information about life in Berlin and the the ‘Things to Do in Berlin’ section cannot be missed if this lively city is on your bucket list. Cheryl is as much into art and culture as she is into hip bars, quaint book clubs, and clubs where the aim is to party ‘til you drop. In fact, her blog is ideal for self-confessed food fanatics who wouldn’t dream of visiting a city without immersing themselves fully in its gastronomic culture. If café culture is your scene, check out her suggested list of over 25 hot establishments to visit. The blog is also well loved by expats, since it boasts a full section centered on Cheryl’s experiences as an expat, with views on healthcare, moving house, and meetup groups if expanding your social circle is a goal. Cheryl also recommends the very best Berlin blogs and websites – those that capture the essence of city that dances to an upbeat rhythm and is dressed up in dazzling street art.


A Dangerous Business

You don't need to fly across the world to have an adventure, but this blog shows that it certainly helps.

One of the best and worst things about many travel sites is that they are so dreamlike, they almost seem ‘too good to be true’. A Dangerous Business turns this notion on its head, since its founder, Amanda’s aim is to show everyday working people how they can fit more travel into their life without breaking the bank and without necessarily taking a full year off! Amanda is a former journalist who is now an award-winning travel blogger. This Ohio-born blogger certainly knows how to write, which makes each entry a guilt-free treat to be enjoyed on your lunch hour or while you’re commuting to or from work. She puts her money where her mouth is, writing about top destinations while working from her home base in Ohio. “You could fly 10,000 miles to have an adventure, or you could simply walk down the street and discover something new,” she says, bringing home one key point: travel is as much a mental as a physical thing. Amanda covers dreamy, postcard-perfect destinations like the azure Chefchaouen in Morocco, but also writes entries that simply invite you to take the plunge, book your flight, and go somewhere you have always dreamed of. “The world is not safe but you should explore it anyway,” she says in one entry, noting that progress implies movement, change, and of course, a little risk.


Bunch of Backpackers

From backpacking across Turkey to camping in Morocco, this blog highlights how much fun the unexpected can be, especially when you encounter it in the Great Outdoors.

Manouk, a medical doctor who “hasn’t found a cure for the travel bug,” describes herself as an adventurer at heart; someone who is as mad about backpacking to an exotic destination as she is in helping her patients. ‘Offbeat’ is the zeitgeist of this blog, which covers destinations ranging from Georgia to Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Sudan. Get ready for an action-packed read. This blog includes exciting entries like ‘The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Turkey’, ‘A Modest Guide to a Surf Camp in Taghazout, Morocco’, and ‘9 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Fun’. Forget about viewing a city from your luxury car; this blog takes you right into the thick of things, with land and sea adventures that include strenuous mountain hikes, deep sea diving, and solo backing along the stunning Silk Road. Indeed, one of its most appealing aspects is its invitation to women to embrace travel with courage, and to immerse themselves in the nature and culture of each country, city, or tiny village they visit. Also featuring useful tips on budget travel, travel gear, and more.



Discover the ups and downs of traveling solo as a woman and find the courage you need to follow suit.

If solo travel is up your street, start right here! ‘Courageous’ is the word that best describes Christine, the blogger and YouTuber who left her structured life in New York (where she worked as a reality TV camera operator and producer) to live and work in South Korea, eventually returning to New York, which is homebase between her many travels. What makes this blog so special is Christine’s sincere account of what it is really like to travel alone as a woman. Yes, it is okay to feel vulnerable, a little scared, and lost, yet Christine tells readers that the key is to never give up. The homepage features a cool Travel Highlights Reel, which gives you a taste of the many places Christine has been to – including Meteora, Delhi, and the Pai Countryside. From the busy boardwalk of Muscle Beach in California to the quaint village of Fira, Christine has been there, and she chronicles her experiences with a fast journalistic pace that is testimony to her years working in the audiovisual industry. The ‘My Top 5 Popular Posts’ entry will give you a fantastic idea of the breadth of subjects Christine covers. The blog features conventional and off the beaten track destinations, but also offers tips on how to plan a solo trip, and offers eight key safety tips that all female travelers should check out!


Adventurous Kate

The writer of this blog has been to 77 countries in seven years - not bad for a former urbanite who dreamed of a life filled with freedom.

Kate McCulley is another solo female traveler whose life is everything a city slicker’s wildest fantasies are made of. Kate has been shipwrecked in Indonesia, played an extra “in a really, really bad movie,” and travelled to 77 countries in seven years. Buckle up and get ready for a high octane blog and adrenaline rush like no other. Reading the A to Z of the destinations covered by this blog takes quite a bit of scrolling. This is just the type of reading that Enya’s famous song Sail Away inspires. Kate is an adventurous soul but also one with a natural curiosity for art and architecture. By clicking on the different destinations, you will find a bevy of unexpected entries, including stories about horseback riding in Iceland, a visit to Iceland’s phallological museum, and swimming in the Blue Lagoon. The entries are varied in nature, ranging from advice on safety for female travelers, to how to become a successful travel blogger. The categories vie for your attention. Should you visit Hanoi, Paris, or Las Vegas next? Should you immerse yourself in the warm blue waters of the Pacific, or walk the busy streets of the Big Apple? If destination numbers count for anything in the blogging world, then this is one blog that any serious female traveler cannot afford to pass on.


Run Away Juno

All the planning in the world won't prepare you for the crazy, unexpected, marvelous world you can discover today if you really want to.

“Stop answering emails and truly relax.” If this piece of advice doesn’t appeal to the weary urbanite, then what will? Runaway Juno is a blog that promises to tell stories as much as it focuses on travel. Inspiration is the name of the game for Juno Kim, a Korea-born woman who immigrated to Anchorage, Alaska – the place she now calls home. Juno’s blog is well organized, with main categories including Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East. She covers not only the most popular destinations (think Japan, China), but also en vogue destinations like Bhutan, Moldova, and Oman. Nature travel is on the blogger’s mind. For instance, under the Philippines, the first few entries are nature-focused, including glorious beaches, a story on the underwater world of Malapascua Island, and one on snorkeling at the Sagay Marine Reserve in Negros Occidental. The blog also has entries on local delicacies; one interesting post enlightens readers on a special beverage enjoyed by the nomads of Central Asia: fermented horse milk! If you were wondering whether or not to book that trip you have postponed so many times, the answer is yes – but first, read Juno’s entry ‘Adventure Makes People Happy: Where to Go and What to Do?’.


Do It While You're Young

Why leave travel until you are economically set? There is no time like the present to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

‘Do it while you’re young’ is the motto of this fun-loving blog, aimed at ambitious women who are keen on working and/or traveling abroad and making new connections with others. Featuring ‘actionable articles’ (travel tips), ‘ass-kicking motivational essays’ (yes, travel is worth every penny!) and ‘you should really go there’ type articles on specific destinations. DIWYY essentially celebrates the independence of modern women. The blog offers practical advice on how to afford a lifetime of travel through blogging and photography. The ‘Work and Travel’ video interview series offers highlights the ins and outs of working abroad, provides tips on how to find jobs in your chosen destination, and offers job ideas for students in particular. Don’t take the sections at face value. The ‘Photography’ category, for instance, features posts on subjects such as how to volunteer abroad, or transform your life by teaching in areas like Cusco. Of course, this section also brims over with gorgeous photos. Discover how beautiful sunsets are in Roatan, marvel at the vertiginous snow-capped peaks of Patagonia, and check out the cheeky monkeys that live on the Gibraltarian peak.


Girl About the Globe

Traveling solo doesn't have to be scary, so long as you are well informed and prepared.

If traveling solo as a female fills you with trepidation, Girl about the Globe is ready to change all that. Penned by a writer called Lisa (who has travelled to 127 countries, 92 of which involved solo travel), it is testimony to the importance of not letting anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams of seeing the world. Lisa provides everything you need to get started – including vital information for planning your trip (information on everything from the right backpacks to useful travel apps and resources), finding the right hostel, picking solo-friendly tours, etc. She also highlights the importance of traveling alone, since doing so shows you “how to overcome obstacles, connect with your emotions, and cope entirely by yourself.” Many of the categories stand apart from what you might find in a typical travel blog. These include a whole section dedicated to ‘Conscious Travel’ (eco, responsible, and animal-friendly travel), a ‘Travel Products for Solos’ section, and the Blog section itself – featuring an eclectic range of destinations that includes Batumi, Georgia, Tbilisi, and more.