12 Riveting LGBT Travel Blogs


Couple of Men

You won’t easily find a blog that is more authentic and enjoyable to read than this one. Following the world travels of two gay men, the blog features everything from gay cruises and a Gay Pride calendar to gay-friendly reviews and gay travel news from across the world.

The authors of the blog are Karl Krause and Daan Colijn, a charming gay couple currently living in the picturesque city of Amsterdam. Their blog, Couple of Men, not only documents their own personal travels to local and international destinations, but also provides the reader with the latest news relevant to the global LGBTQ community. Whether you are looking for a gay-friendly sports event to attend, or want to know where you can grab a bite to eat in a welcoming atmosphere, this is definitely the blog for you. Apart from interesting and diverse topics, the blog also includes photos from the couple’s own collection that effortlessly depict not only their love for traveling, but for each other as well. Exploring Couple of Men, which proudly carries the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association’s stamp of approval, is like digging into a slice of freshly-baked rainbow cake: decadent, dreamy, and just a little bit indulgent.


Dopes on the Road

The best thing about this blog is how it manages to effortlessly combine pertinent information with a healthy dose of light-hearted content. Not only does it offer a plethora of useful tips for travellers, but it also provides great insight into the many injustices faced by the LGBT community.

Dopes on the Road is the brainchild of freelance marketing consultant, web designer, and social media manager Meg Cale who, together with her wife Lindsay, have dedicated their efforts towards inspiring LGBT travellers to live a fulfilling life filled with adventure. The blog has a is easy to navigate with dedicated sections including “Travel”, “LGBT Resources”, and “Culture”. Blog posts such as “5 Uncomfortable Questions About Traveling to Anti-LGBT Destinations” and “40 Safety Tips for LGBT Travellers” are very informative and makes for riveting reading. If you are looking for some brutally-honest insight into the social injustices faced by the global LGBT community on a daily basis, the “Social Justice” segment will undoubtedly tug at your heart strings thanks to Meg’s expressive, info-laden posts. The blog is ultimately a superb go-to resource for anyone wanting not only to travel the world, but live their chosen life fully and without any regrets as well.


Lez Backpack

It is not often you come across a blog such as this one that feels like it was written by a long-time friend. Apart from the personal, often humorous, travel accounts of the sole contributor and her partner, it also offers you a plethora of reviews and relevant info pertaining to world travel.

If you are looking to travel to exotic destinations such as Cambodia, China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines, Lez Backpack should be at the top of your blogs to visit. Designed by a self-proclaimed female-supporter, the blog aims to inspire female identified people to broaden their horizons and travel the world. One of the greatest things about the blog is the section entitled “Travel Style” that is cleverly divided into segments such as “Adventure Travel”, “Couple Travel”, and “Luxury Travel”. Here you will find a variety of blogs with thought-provoking titles such as “How to Help Female Travelers as a Man”, Bangkok’s Creepiest Tourist Attraction, and “Bangkok’s Creepiest Tourist Attraction”. For the first-time traveller, there are even a couple of very nifty ‘What to Pack’-type lists that will make preparing for your first trip abroad a lot less harrowing. It is also recommended that you take the time to browse through the various pictographies on the blog that illustrate some of the adventures Megan and Constance have had during their travels.


Lez Wander the World

Seeing the world through the eyes of Zoey and Mari is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The blog not only oozes youthful charm but is also filled with with marvellous travel tips and colourful accounts of personal adventures.

Have you ever felt the overwhelming need to leave behind everything you know and love and go in search of adventure? If your answer is a resounding yes, then Lez Wander the World is the perfect place to seek inspiration from. Everything about the blog, from the ultra-cool logo to the vibrant photographs illustrates the girls’ love for traveling the world together. Before getting lost in the countless travel tips and other compelling LGBTQ blogs, read Zoey and Mari’s story which dates back to April 14, 2015 when the girls met each other in Thailand. The “Destinations” section of the blog focuses on travel destinations such as South Korea, Australia, Thailand, and the USA and provides a very tongue-in-the-cheek recollection of some of the weird and wonderful cultural traditions the girls have encountered on their travels. Make a point of reading a blog entitled “Lesbian Couple Travel Troubles” that highlights the various dilemmas a traveling couple may face. The authentic manner in which somewhat controversial issues are dealt with makes not only this post, but the entire blog, well worth perusing.


Travel With Mei & Kerstin

The couple behind Travel with Mei & Kerstin have extensively travelled Europe, America, and Asia, which puts them in the perfect position to inspire other would-be travellers to explore the world. Apart from useful traveling tips and a run-down of exquisite travel destinations, the blog also features an array of beautiful photos taken all across the globe.

One of the things that set this blog apart from countless others with a similar LGBTQ focus is the collection of inspiring stories from other lesbian world-travelling couples. In this blog section, simply titled “LGBTQ” you will get a glimpse into the lives of numerous inspirational couples including Ali & Jenni, Steph & Kaitlyn, and Jennifer and Laura from The Rainbow Route all who are living their best life while traversing various parts of the world. If you are looking to travel to Europe in the near future, a blog series highlighting the best European destinations for every month of the year is a definite winner. The girls have also managed to capture the very essence of their home country Luxembourg, taking readers on a mesmerizing journey to faraway castles, gigantic bonfires, and some of the most exquisite natural scenery in the world through delightful descriptions and photos worthy of at least a good couple of thousand Instagram likes.


Adventurous Moms

This blog is created by the two loving moms of 4 beautiful kids, which means that they are without a doubt an authority on travelling with your family in tow. Not only have they managed to develop superb tips for traveling, but they also tackle the somewhat controversial topic of raising a family as a same-sex couple in an informative and authentic manner.

Traveling as a gay married couple with children obviously presents its fair share of challenges – most of which you will find solutions to in this expertly-written, heartfelt blog. Although Adventurous Moms is a treasure-chest filled with useful information and charming anecdotes, the parenting section is what makes the blog stand out. Blogs such as “The Rolling Tide of LGBTQ Rights: Parenting with Uncertainty” and “The Donor Talk: When Kids Have a Sperm Donor” give readers a very intimate glimpse into the personal life of the author and her family. Adventure-based posts are cleverly divided into two sections called “Outdoor Adventures” and “Indoor Adventures” which provides parents with an abundance of ideas on how to keep the children well-entertained while adventuring to places such as Middlebury, Burlington, Andover, and Boston. Start out by exploring the “Travels” section before venturing over to the rest of the blog, ending off with an interesting array of reviews of everything from kids’ water booths and mittens to personalized adhesive labels and holiday gift ideas for adventurous children.


Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam is undeniably one of the coolest travel blogs around at the moment. Although anyone can benefit from the multitude of informative posts, it will be especially useful to gay travellers looking to spend time in some of the most exciting cities in the world.

Imagine a blog that offers readers everything from enlightening travel tips and destination rundowns to ingenious ‘how-to’ guides and exceptional imagery. Add a healthy dose of whimsy to the aforementioned mix and you have Travels of Adam – a blog that is as quirky as it is informative. Among a variety of gay stories and nightlife tips you will also find a very comprehensive guide to some of the most celebrated cities in the world including Amsterdam. Berlin, Dallas, Rome, Tel Aviv, and Toronto. The city guides include a heap of practical information arranged in sections such as “Know Where to Go”, “Food & Restaurants”, “Art, Museums & Galleries”, and “Where to Stay”. Another very nice addition to the blog is the “Postcards” section that encourages individuals to send actual postcards and other greeting cards online for a nominal fee. If you sme spare time on your hands, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and have a look at the "Media Kit" that contains a host of very cool stats and facts about both Adam and his blog.


Viaja Bi!

Brazil has blessed the world with many things including talented soccer players, delicious coffee, and brilliant travel blogs such as this one. If you are eager to learn more about gay-friendly traveling, Viaja Bi! is definitely the blog for you.

Don’t let the Portuguese writing deter you from visiting this site as a simple click on the handy ‘Translate’ button will reveal a rare treasure. Regardless of where you want to travel in the world, Viaja Bi will more than likely have some handy advice and a few words of encouragement for you. While the blog, which was first launched in 2014, aims to make travel exceedingly easy for gay travellers, it doesn’t solely cater for the LGBT individuals – it merely aims to bridge the gap between regular travel blogs and a travel-obsessed gay community. Apart from the routine content found on these types of blogs, this one addresses a number of common concerns that often get forgotten. Travel insurance, foreign exchange, and international sim cards all have their dedicated home on the site where clear guidelines make even the most intimidating of topics become a lot less harrowing. Don’t forget to click on the “LGBT Agenda” tab that will connect you to one of the most extensive International LGBT calendars on the internet.



This blog sure lives up to its tagline “Not your ordinary travel site”. Not only does it feature photos worthy of a National Geographic magazine, but the professional, user-friendly layout makes it an absolute delight to explore.

Here’s a blog that even the Gen-Xers can get stuck into. Created by a self-proclaimed ‘regular guy’ who lives in the suburbs with two dogs, the blog focuses on making luxury travel possible for the Average Joe. The site is a direct reflection of everything Matt Long has seen and experienced first-hand. If you have struggled to find useful info about traveling to South Africa, you have just struck gold as Landlopers is one of few travel blogs with a global focus that have not completely overlooked Africa’s southernmost country. If you fancy yourself a bit of a foodie head on over to the “Good Eats” section of the blog where you will be blown away by spectacular photographs of mouth-watering dishes from across the globe. Just by reading blog titles such as “5 Ways to Best Experience the Incredible San Diego Food Scene” and “Unlikely Food Destinations I Love to Visit” you know you are in for a real visual treat.


Globetrotters Girls

Apart from being downright beautiful to look at, this blog also offers travellers many tips on how to journey across the globe on a shoestring. If you don’t have hours to spend reading through countless blogs just pick one – this one!

Although this blog features a lot of tips about budget travel, it definitely is not the only reason you should spend time browsing it. The content is compiled by Dani Heinrich, a travel-savvy entrepreneur and blogger who does not hesitate to share her own traveling blunders to help prevent others from making the same mistakes. You will find a wide selection of articles filled with Dani’s own reflections, a section solely dedicated to LGBT travel, and even one for foodies – completely with enticing descriptions an even more-tantalizing photographs. If you are one of those travellers that never quit know what to pack and what to leave at home, head on over to “Gear” where you will learn a lot more about preparing for your very own globetrotting experience. Once you land on the blog’s homepage, head on over to the “New Here” section first which will not only offer you a warm welcome, but guide you to where you need to be on the blog as well.


The Freedom Travellers

When a Brit and an Aussie hook up and travel the world together, the result is a simplistic, elegant blog filled to the brim with valuable information. You can even get our own free travel budget calculator to help make your next journey an amazing, thrifty one.

Victoria and Elaina, the girls behind The Freedom Travellers, have been traveling the world together since 2014 when they both quit their jobs in favour of living a life of freedom and choice. Leaving everything you know behind to travel is a huge decision and one that is made a lot easier by the superb advice given in the blog. If you are still in two minds about whether you want to travel, head on over to the detailed travel blog where you will not only find inspiration, but also a hoard of nifty tips and tricks about where to go, how to get there, and what to do once you arrive at your destination. If you enjoy the blog so much that you are feel left wanting more (like you are bound to), you can purchase one of two (or both) books penned by the girls (“How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World” and “5 Steps to Escape the Desk”) from the “Shop” tab on the homepage.


Happy Camper Wives

This blog is for everyone who has considered living a minimalist yet fulfilling life traveling to all corners of the globe. Offering everything from campground reviews to appetizing recipes, this blog is definitely a go-to for all would-be adventurers.

This travel blog follows the journey of Valerie & Jessi, a lesbian couple who decided to hit the road and live in a teardrop camper trailer. The “Start Here” section is obviously the best place to start as it gives some nice background info on the girls and their decision to take to the highways and byways of the world. As you browse around Happy Camper Wives you will realise that there is a lot more to it than initially meets the eye. Memories of the couple’s dream destinations are brought to life by beautiful wording and accompanying photos. They also share great advice on being on the road as a couple in a blog called “Tips to RV as a Couple” while you can even improve your baking skills by reading through “How to Bake a Cake in a Cast Iron Pan”. You will definitely leave the blog feeling inspired and ready to embark on your very own adventure of a life time.