Port Miami

Location: Miami, Florida

Fun facts:

It is the largest passenger port in the world in lovely Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida.

Accounts for over 150,000 jobs and an economic impact of over $18 billion

(Image: Virgin Voyages)



If you are planning a cruise and are departing from sunny Miami, then you are in for a treat. Miami is often referred to as the cruising capital of the world since so many cruise ships depart from the vibrant and exciting city. As a matter of fact, you may not even want to leave for your cruise because of how much fun you’ll be having in the city. There’s a reason that Miami is one of the most popular places in the world to live. So, do yourself a favor, if you are planning a cruise that departs from Miami get there a few days early. While you are definitely going to have a blast on your trip, why not get things started a few days early? You can kick off your trip by partying in Miami and seeing all that the city has to offer, and why it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Obviously, you are going to have to check out the nightlife. The clubs in Miami are world famous, so if you enjoy going out clubbing then this is a paradise for you. But maybe the club scene really isn’t your thing? That’s okay, Miami has a lot more to offer. If you don’t want to go to a club, then why not go visit one of the many fine restaurants? Miami is famous for its Cuban cuisine, and it would be a shame if you spent any time in the city without trying some of the amazing food.

If you happen to be planning a cruise in March and are a fan of fashion, then you are definitely in for a treat. In March Miami Beach International Fashion Week takes place, giving you a chance to see the new looks for the coming season.

If you are more of an outdoor person, then Miami’s many beaches should catch your eye. The weather in Miami is fantastic year-round, so you can definitely enjoy spending a day lounging at the beach. There are few things more relaxing than sitting on the beach with friends, enjoying some drinks, and watching the sunset over the ocean.

If you are feeling more active, you can even head inland to visit the Everglades and see some amazing scenery and explore the natural world. The Everglades is home to a lot of unique species, making it a destination for anyone that loves spending time in nature.

If you are lucky enough to be departing from Miami on your cruise, then you definitely need to take advantage of all that the city has to offer. Don’t think of Miami as simply a place where you are waiting to depart, think of it as a springboard that can help you to relax and get ready for your amazing trip. Who knows, maybe you’ll have so much fun that you’ll plan a future trip to Miami just to visit the city once again?

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Port Canaveral

Location: Brevard County, Florida

Fun facts:

Over 4.5 million cruise passengers and 2,700,000 tons of cargo pass through Port Canaveral each year.

Located Near the John F. Kennedy Space Center


Ready to get your cruise underway and depart from the Port of Canaveral? That’s great, but hopefully, you’ve made the most of your time in Cape Canaveral and enjoyed all that it has to offer. That’s right, Cape Canaveral is more than just your departure point, it has so much to offer that it’s a wonderful destination itself. In fact, a lot of people come to visit the city just to see the sights and visit the many tourist attractions. If you want to make the most of your cruise, then make sure that you kick off your trip in style. Don’t show up at the last minute and stress out as you hurry to make sure you get on board in time. Instead, do yourself a favor and show up a few days early. This will ensure that you not only get onboard on time but also get a chance to see all that the city as to offer.

First of all, make sure that you take a little time to simply sit on the beach and relax. A cruise is a floating party city, it’s a lot of fun, but it can also be quite exhausting. If you really want to get the most out of your trip and come back with your batteries recharged, then make sure you take the time to decompress and just chill out. A great way to do this is to relax at the beach the day before you depart, then again after your cruise ends. While you may be eager to get home, taking an extra day to just relax is well worth it.

Feast on The Fine Food

If you are a fan of seafood, then you know that the fresher the fish is the better it is. When you happen to be visiting a place that sits next to the ocean, then it’s hard to get seafood any fresher than this. Cape Canaveral is well known for its many fine dining establishments, so make sure that you check them out before you hit the high sea. Even if you aren’t a fan of seafood, there are still plenty of other great options for you to explore.

Going on a cruise is a vacation, right? Well, then take advantage of it. One of the biggest draws of going on a cruise is the fact that everything is taken care of for you. It’s designed to be a stress-free experience, so make sure that you enjoy it as such. Does rushing to get onboard at the last-minute sound like a stress-free way to get your trip started? Of course, it doesn’t!

Don’t rush to get onboard your ship. In fact, doing the opposite is a great way to start your trip out. Show up a few days early and take the time to explore the city. You can treat it like you would a stop in a port, and just enjoy your time.

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Port Everglades

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fun facts:

Florida’s #1 seaport by revenue and top container port

The third largest multi-day cruise port in the world with nearly 4 million passengers each year


If you are heading on a cruise to the Caribbean, then chances are pretty good that you’ll be embarking from Port Everglades. Port Everglades is one of the busiest ports in the world, and it’s a destination unto itself. When most people plan their cruise, they probably think that their trip starts the minute that they board their ship. But the truth is, your vacation starts the minute you walk out of the door at work. That means that you don’t have to wait until you get onboard your ship to start having a great time, and Port Everglades is an ideal place to get your vacation off on the right foot.

Why do you think that Florida is a popular vacation destination? Well, it’s because of the great weather, gorgeous beaches, active nightlife, and amazing food. In fact, many people come to Florida every year for a vacation without ever setting foot on a cruise ship. Now, does that mean you should do the same? Not necessarily, because anyone that has ever gone on a cruise will tell you that it’s a vacation with few equals. What this does mean, however, is that you shouldn’t see Port Everglades as simply a staging ground while you wait to depart. You should see it as the unique and fun place that it is, and enjoy your time there. Why not head out a few days early so you have plenty of time to look around and experience all that Port Everglades has to offer?

Port Everglades is the type of place that any outdoor enthusiast would love to visit. There’s the ocean of course, but there’s also nearby regions teeming with wildlife. The Wetlands of Florida is one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. While going to the swamp may not sound like your idea of fun, going on a quick boat tour will probably change your mind. If you don’t feel like spending time in the swamp, you can always lounge on the beach for an extra day or two to start or end your trip. If you are feeling extra adventurous then parasailing is the kind of rush you have to experience to truly understand.

If spending time outdoors isn’t really your thing, there’s also an active nightlife nearby in Ft. Lauderdale. There are nightclubs and restaurants that you can enjoy while waiting to depart on your cruise. The point here is that if you are able to re-think about how your vacation should go, you can actually have a much better time. Far too many people are in a constant rush on their vacation. They fly out at the last minute, then have to rush to get onboard the ship on time. Isn’t the whole point of a vacation to relax? How relaxed can you be when you are stressing out and trying to make it to places before a deadline. That kind of sounds a lot like regular life now, doesn’t it? Instead of rushing, head out to Port Everglades a day or two early and spend some time relaxing before you start your cruise.

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Port of Galveston

Location: Galveston, Texas

Fun facts:

Opened in 1925, it’s the oldest port west of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico

Nearly 800,000 passengers and 10,000,000 tons of cargo annually


Embarking from Galveston, Texas on a cruise? The great news for you is that you don’t have to wait for your ship to depart to start having fun! Galveston is a very exciting place to visit, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t look forward to spending time there as you get ready to depart on your cruise. This great little island just off the coast of Texas is an amazing place to visit with tons of fun activities for the whole family.

When you are heading to the Port of Galveston, you’d be well advised to head over a few days early. Why would you want to go early? Well, for one thing, it lets you avoid the stress of trying to make it onto the cruise ship at the last minute. When you are on vacation you should feel like you have all the time in the world. You should be able to sit back, relax, and not feel stress or pressure. If you wait until the last minute to head to the Port of Galveston then you’ll definitely not be enjoying a stress-free visit as you are forced to rush and worry about getting to the ship in time.

Getting to the ship early isn’t just about avoiding the stress of rushing; Galveston is also a wonderful place to spend some time. Why not spend a day or two lounging on the beach as you get ready to embark on your cruise? Or, you could spend time in one of their many scenic state parks. If you love the outdoors, and chances are that you do since you are about to go on a cruise, then take advantage of Galveston and all that its natural beauty has to offer. Galveston is such a nature lover’s paradise that many people visit this little island on a regular basis, not as a point of departure for a cruise, but as a destination worth seeing.

Galveston is also home to several art galleries, as well as many historic sites that you are sure to find interesting. They also boast some fantastic restaurants where the seafood is always fresh and deliciously prepared. You can dine in some fast-casual restaurants, or spend time at some high-class eateries. No matter what you are in the mood for, chances are you’ll be able to find it being served at one of Galveston’s many great restaurants.

Going on a cruise has probably been a dream you’ve had for a long time. It’s something you have had to plan for, to find time off with the people you care most about where you can walk away from your responsibilities for a short time. But just because your cruise is what you have been waiting for, you shouldn’t overlook the fun and excitement that could be waiting for you at your point of departure. The Port of Galveston has a lot to offer, and if you take the time to explore it you are surely going to add some great memories to your vacation.

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