Everything You Need to Know About Parking Near Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is an often over-looked cruise terminal in Florida (next to giants like the Port of Miami and Port Everglades, how could it not be?) but it’s a great place to set sail and easy to reach from the nearby city of Orlando.

If you’re renting a car to make the 44-mile drive from the Orlando Airport or traveling to Cape Canaveral in your own car, securing parking for the duration of your cruise can feel a bit overwhelming with all the options to sort through on the internet.

So, we put together this guide to organize the most important information you need to know – like prices, locations, parking packages, and more – to help guide you in the right direction. It covers:

  • How to travel from Orlando to Port Canaveral
  • Parking at Port Canaveral
  • Parking near Port Canaveral
  • Park and cruise deals at hotels around Port Canaveral
  • RV and oversized vehicle parking near Port Canaveral
  • Free parking in near Port Canaveral
  • And so much more!

Whether you’re looking for the most convenient parking spots near Port Canaveral, the cheapest lots, oversized RV parking, or anything in between, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about parking near Port Canaveral before you set sail!

How to Travel from Orlando to Port Canaveral

If you’re renting a car at the Orlando Airport, you’re in luck. The airport is south of the Orlando city center so you’re closer to Cape Canaveral and you don’t have to pass through the city itself (and deal with all the traffic that comes with it) on your route from the airport to the coast.

The trip between the Orlando Airport and Port Canaveral takes about 45 minutes and covers 45 miles. If you don’t mind paying the tolls, this is the fastest route between the two destinations and you can click here to see the exact steps on Google maps.

To avoid the tolls, the alternate route covers 62 miles and will take almost double the time at about an hour and 15 minutes of travel time rather than just 45. The majority of this trip is along FL-50 E – click here to see the toll-free route on Google Maps.

One route takes more time while the other costs more in tolls, so weigh your options to decide which one is better for you!

Parking at Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral offers official cruise parking in garages next to each terminal. No reservations are required, so you can simply head to your departure terminal on cruise day to find your designated lot.

At Port Canaveral, parking costs $17 per day for regular vehicles can be paid with cash, card, or traveler’s checks. Disabled parking is also available at each terminal and offered free of charge. Best of all, each garage is in walking distance to the cruise ship so there’s no need for shuttles.

Sure, a six-night/seven-day cruise will run you $119 in parking fees, but for convenience alone, the cruise parking at Port Canaveral is incredibly hard to beat.

Parking Near Port Canaveral

Just like every other port city in Florida, there are plenty of third-party lots around the cruise terminal on Cape Canaveral where you can stash your car and save money on the high price tag required at the official terminal parking.

Go Port is one of the most popular lots because it offers its own unique spin on the parking experience. Instead of paying by the day, parking is completely free for cruises up to 15 days long. So, what’s the catch? Instead of the daily rate, passengers only have to pay for the shuttle to and from the port. For two people, the round-trip shuttle service is $45 and for four people it’s only $55. For a seven-day cruise, that’s a savings of $64 for a couple when you choose Go Port over the official cruise parking.

Park by the Port is another popular option by Port Canaveral because spots only cost $4.95 per day. Of course, with taxes and fees, that price will increase a bit. For a seven-day cruise, the total cost of parking at Park by the Port is $47 and includes complimentary shuttle service. So, if you’re a group of three or more, this will be cheaper than the Go Port parking services.

Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle is a third parking option near Port Canaveral. This lot advertises spaces for $8 per day and offers complimentary shuttle service to their customers as well. However, in the fine print, they also state that there is a $40 minimum fee, so for shot cruises, you may not get the deal you were hoping for. Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle is still significantly cheaper than parking at the official terminal lots and garages at Port Canaveral, though, and does accept reservations for peace of mind as well.

There are many more lots around the port not listed above but these all offer great value for your money and are a great place to start your search for budget-friendly parking near Port Canaveral.

Park and Cruise Hotel Deals on Cape Canaveral

Park and cruise hotel deals are a great way to save money on parking near the terminals if you’re planning to spend a night or two in Cape Canaveral before setting sail.

Most park and cruise hotel deals work the same way: you reserve a night in the hotel before your ship’s departure, and in return, you can leave your car parked on the hotel lot for the duration of your cruise either for free or for a discounted price. Some hotels even offer complimentary shuttle services to the port in their packages as well.

In Cape Canaveral, some hotels offering park and cruise deals with free parking and shuttles are the Cocoa Beach Suites Hotel with parking for one car and shuttle service to Port Canaveral for two people and the Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach with free parking and transportation for two to the port.

Many other hotels offer variations of this package as well, so make sure to call and ask about any special deals or rates before you book to lock in some savings on your parking spot while you’re out on the water!

RV and Oversized Vehicle Parking Near Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral has oversized parking spaces for RVs, campers, trailers, and buses, but of course, it comes with an extra free.

You can find the prices for oversized vehicles here, which seem to come out to a little less than double the price of parking a regular car. Four-day cruise parking for an RV costs $114 while seven-day cruise parking costs $203 and a 10-day cruise will run you $290 for RV parking in the official port terminals.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many other options to choose from near Port Canaveral because many of the surrounding lots explicitly state that they don’t accept oversized vehicles or, at least, share no information about them on their websites. The official terminal parking may come with a high price tag but you can at least take solace in the fact that your spot will be conveniently located in walking distance to your ship’s port.

Free Parking Near Cape Canaveral

As listed above, there are a few (kind of) free places to park near Port Canaveral during your cruise.

For travelers planning to spend the night in Cape Canaveral before departure, park and cruise deals at local hotels offer free spots in exchange for a one night stay. For those who just want to drive into the city on the day of the cruise, the Go Port lot also offers free parking in exchange for paying the set round-trip shuttle fee.

If neither of these options appeals to you, you can also consider alternative transportation options from your home or the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral. Skip driving and the hefty parking fees altogether by getting a ride from a friend or family member, taking shuttles from the airport to the port, calling an Uber or Lyft ride, or even taking a bus from your city to Orlando or Cape Canaveral rather than driving.

Save Time and Money on Parking Near Port Canaveral With This Guide

Parking near cruise ports is a necessary evil for travelers driving into Cape Canaveral from the Orlando Airport or other parts of the country. While it often translates to savings by avoiding pricey airline tickets, it still comes with its own costs.

However, this guide will help you navigate parking near Port Canaveral and organize your options so you can weigh the pros and cons of parking at the port, parking at a third-party lot, choosing a park and cruise package from a local hotel, and much more to find the right fit for you and your group.

Then, it’s as easy as reserving your spot, boarding your cruise, and setting sail for the cruise of a lifetime from Port Canaveral!

-Di Minardi (that’s me!), travel blogger at Slight North