Cruise lines

Virgin Voyages

Headquarters: Plantation, Florida

Founded: 2014


Virgin Voyages is the new kid on the block when it comes to cruise lines with its first ships not ready to set sail until sometime in 2020. Despite the delay, there is still a lot of excitement about this new cruise line, in fact, deposits for early trips have already closed. You know that a cruise line is in high demand when they don’t even have a ship in the water yet, and a year in advance they are already booked up. But, why are so many people interested in Virgin Voyages? What is it about this cruise line that makes it so appealing that people are lining up for a chance to go on a trip with them?

Virgin Voyages Is Targeting First Time Cruise Passengers

One of the things that are most exciting about Virgin Voyages is the fact that they are making it a point to target people that have never gone on a cruise before. After conducting some research, Virgin Voyages discovered that many people who had never gone on a cruise before would be willing to give it a try. A cruise vacation can be a once in a lifetime experience, or it could it could be a long few days at sea where you are trapped onboard with a bunch of people that irritate you. What Virgin Voyages did next was set about the process of figuring out what people wanted in a cruise, and what they could do to ensure that passengers had the time of their lives on their trip.

Virgin Voyages Is Only for Adults

One thing that Virgin Voyages discovered was that for many adults, the idea of going on a cruise surrounded by children was far from an ideal vacation. Even adults with children will tell you that having kids around can really restrict how much fun the grown-ups can have. Because of that Virgin Voyages is a cruise line where only adults aged 18 and older are allowed onboard. There are a lot of great cruise lines where kids will have a great time, Virgin Voyages isn’t one of them.

Their Ships Look Amazing

While they may not have a ship in the water yet, the designs for their ships are available to see, and they look absolutely magnificent. Virgin Voyages has spared no expense when it comes to designing their ships. Not only did they hire three extremely highly thought of designers, they told those designers to push the envelope and create cruise ships unlike anything seen before. While the first reviews won’t be in for a while, their designs appear to be quite ambitious and promising.

If You Want A First-Rate Vacation Then Virgin Voyages Appears to Be the Way to Go

You work hard. You have a job, responsibilities, maybe even a family to provide for. It’s because of all of these things that you deserve a break from it all. You deserve a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life if only for a little while. That’s why you owe it to yourself to book a trip with Virgin Voyages.

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Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Founded: 2020 (coming soon!)


Renderings are artistic concepts. All features, plans and specifications are subject to change without notice.

If you are planning to take a cruise with the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, you won’t be disappointed. Any cruise line that bears the name Ritz Carlton is one you would expect to be synonymous with class, and that’s exactly what you are going to find if you decide to treat yourself to one of their cruises. While the first of their new ships aren’t set to depart until early 2020, anticipation has already reached a high level with many people reserving their place onboard as soon as there is a room available.
What makes Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection so unique, and why is there such a demand for a ship that hasn’t even left port yet? For one thing, they have made it a point to ensure that every passenger aboard one of their ships has the type of experience that they will never forget. They start by ensuring that every cabin aboard their ships has a balcony. There’s nothing worse than going on a cruise and not being able to enjoy the amazing views while you are at sea. With Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection every passenger will enjoy the luxury of a private balcony where they can appreciate the stunning scenery that surrounds them.

Recognizing that they will attract passengers from a wide range of different financial backgrounds, Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection has designed the cabins accordingly. They have economy style terrace suites that are still quite luxurious, all the way up to owner’s suites that top out over 1,000 square feet. They also offer a variety of other options that fit somewhere in the middle of the top and entry-level suites. The point here is that you are going to be able to find the right kind of accommodations for you, no matter what your financial situation may be.

While enjoying your cabin is important, nobody wants to spend their cruise in their cabin, they want to be able to go out and enjoy themselves. This is where Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection really sets itself apart from the crowd. They have some amazing top deck attractions that are sure to please anyone. While they have pools and other attractions common to cruise ships, what really has people excited is the marina complete with paddleboards and kayaks that you can rent! If you are parents then you’ll be happy to know that Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection has the Ritz Club, guaranteed to help your kids have a good time, so you can relax as well.

If you are looking for a cruise experience that differs from what you will typically find, then booking passage with Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection is probably just what you have been looking for. Their ships are smaller and more intimate than what you will typically find in the mega cruise ships that are growing increasingly popular today. But, the fact that Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection is planning a fleet of smaller ships isn’t a bad thing, in fact, the more intimate experience is just what many people like the most about their planned cruises.

Carnival Cruise Line

Headquarters: Doral, Florida

Founded: 1972


Carnival Cruise Line was named after a festive event, and that’s exactly what you will find onboard one of their luxurious cruise ships. While many cruise lines try to sell would be passengers on the idea of a luxurious and laid-back trip, Carnival Cruise Line wants you to know that adventure awaits you onboard one of their ships. The whole point of any vacation should be to have a great time, and at Carnival Cruise Line they go above and beyond to ensure that you will. They offer so many fun activities that you may not ever want to leave the ship to visit any of the places you go to port it! Now, you definitely don’t want to spend your entire trip onboard since there is so much to do and see at each port, but the temptation will certainly be there.
What makes Carnival Cruise Line such an amazing experience? It’s all of the excitement that awaits you onboard! You can lounge by the pool and relax, or you can go for a swim. Or, you could have a blast barreling down huge slides that make you feel as if you are soaring as you speed toward the pool below. Water, not your thing? Well, how about some miniature golf? That’s right, you can play miniature golf at sea! If you want something a little more physically demanding then you can even go on a giant obstacle course where you get to run, jump, and climb like you were a kid again.

If you are a parent and are planning to bring your kids along, you should know that Carnival Cruise Line is definitely kid-friendly. In fact, they have the famous Seuss at Sea show that is sure to capture the imaginations of kids and adults alike.

If all of this sounds exhausting, you may be wondering what you can do to actually relax and catch your breath. Well, how about treating yourself to a day at the spa? That’s right, Carnival Cruise Line, known for its festive atmosphere and activities, actually has a spa you can enjoy. If you need a break from the kids, and who doesn’t, then the Serenity Adults Only Retreat is just what the doctor ordered. Here, where no kids are allowed to run and scream, you can relax with that special someone and enjoy a relaxing, and romantic time at sea. Or, you could enjoy the solitude to finish a favorite book, or you could just do nothing at all.

Carnival Cruise Line has a reputation for being a fun and surprisingly affordable cruise experience. While they are known for their party atmosphere, there are still plenty of things you can do to relax. You don’t have to be on the go all the time, but that’s something you can do if you want to. It’s all a matter of what you are looking and what you enjoy doing. From water slides, pools, and obstacle courses, to a day spa, Carnival Cruise Line has something for everyone.

Celebrity Cruises

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Founded: 1989




Celebrity Cruises is a premium cruise line that will treat you and the rest of your party like you are real celebrities. There are a lot of different cruise lines that are in business, and each of them tends to specialize in certain areas. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a cruise line that offers discounted fares, a trip aboard one of these ships cannot compare to the experience that you would have on Celebrity Cruises. Going on a cruise is the ultimate vacation where travel, lodging, and food are all provided for you. This allows you to relax and not have to worry about the logistics of your trip. Cruises are all about being pampered to and enjoying the finer things in life for a short while. If this sounds like the kind of experience you are looking forward to, then why shouldn’t you treat yourself to the best luxury cruise line in the world? Why shouldn’t you enjoy a luxurious trip with Celebrity Cruises?

When you want the best of everything, Celebrity Cruises has that to offer and more. They have been recognized in the past as being the best luxury cruise line, and they have definitely earned that reputation. In recent years Celebrity Cruises has added a number of large capacity ships to their fleet, which has sparked concerns from loyal customers regarding their ability to maintain the same high level of customer service to their guests. These concerns would prove to be unfounded as recent guests will surely tell you that if anything, their service was better than ever before.

One of the things that really sets Celebrity Cruises apart from the crowd is the unique architecture and layout of their ships. Many cruise ships feel overcrowded when they are booked at or near capacity. This can really detract from your experience and keep you from being able to really relax. What makes Celebrity Cruises different isn’t that they book fewer passengers, it’s that their ships were specially designed to accommodate large passenger numbers without feeling crowded. So, even if you happen to be on a ship that is full to capacity, you’ll never feel crowded on your vacation.

Another great reason to choose Celebrity Cruises is the fact that they also partner with many of their destinations to offer their guests unique expeditions in their various ports. This is another example of the level of luxury you can expect with them. They not only cater to your needs on their ship, but they also make arrangements for you when you want to spend time off of the ship, which of course, frees you up to enjoy yourself while someone else worries about the details.

Celebrity Cruises tend to charge a little more for their services, but what you get in return is well worth it. While the prices may be a bit higher than some other cruise lines, they are still surprisingly affordable for many people. If you are looking to get the most out of your cruise, and spend time in the lap of luxury, then Celebrity Cruises is the right choice for you.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Founded: 1966



Whether you want to soak up the sun in the Caribbean or Hawaii or enjoy the breathtaking views of Alaska, Norwegian Cruise Lines has you covered. Norwegian Cruise Lines is the 3rd largest cruise line in the world and they feature a large fleet of diverse ships. Their newer, most state-of-the-art ships are purposely designed to give as many rooms as possible their own balconies, meaning that it won’t cost you a small fortune to be able to gaze out over the sea as you relax on your cruise.

At Norwegian Cruise Lines, they want you to know that they will do everything that they can to let you enjoy your trip on your terms. While you do have to be onboard at departure from each port, they don’t have any other type of onboard schedule that you have to stick to. Feel like getting a burger in the middle of the night? Not a problem. What if you want a 5-course meal in the late evening? They’ve got you covered there as well. Most other cruise lines have set dining times that require their guests to eat when it’s convenient for the crew. On Norwegian Cruise Lines, you eat when you want to and the crew caters to you.

Further illustrating their desire to cater to your needs, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a wide range of accommodation options for their guests. From studios for a single traveler, up to large suites for parties of up to 8 people, on Norwegian, you’ll be able to travel in whatever way best suits your needs. This also gives you the added benefit of being able to choose to spend more on luxury or to save money by staying in a smaller studio. While a studio may not sound ideal, you should remember that you aren’t going on a cruise to sit in your room. No, you are going on a cruise to have a great time! So, don’t be afraid to book a studio since you shouldn’t be spending much time in it anyway.

Another way that Norwegian puts their guests first is by ensuring that their ships exceed the expectations of their passengers. Part of how they are able to accomplish this is by having the youngest fleet out of all of the major North American cruise lines. They don’t try to get you to accept passage on a refurbished old ship, they only offer you the best, because that’s what you deserve. Norwegian also believes that you should have plenty of time at each port to explore and immerse yourself in the local culture. Because of this, they have purposely built their schedule so that you won’t have to rush giving you the freedom to see everything that you can at each port of call.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is unique in that they offer very affordable fares to people looking for a deal, while also offering higher priced, and more luxurious accommodations for guests that are looking for this type of experience. If you are ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, then book passage on one of the Norwegian Cruise Lines many luxurious vessels today.

Royal Carribean International

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Founded: 1968



If you are considering going on a cruise, then booking passage with Royal Caribbean International can help to ensure that you have the time of your life. You’ve probably been looking forward to your cruise for a long time, so make sure that when the time comes to book your trip that you choose a cruise line that will provide you with the service and experience that you deserve. Royal Caribbean International enjoys a reputation for providing their guests with a first-class vacation, which is why you should definitely consider booking your trip with them.

They Have A Variety of Options

If you are looking to keep your costs down, and still have a great time, then you should consider booking passage on one of Royal Caribbean International’s slightly older ships. While the fares should be less than what you would expect to pay on one of their new ships, your experience certainly won’t feel anything less than first-rate. Royal Caribbean International is well known for constantly maintaining and updating their older ships to ensure that their guests always enjoy their trip.

Now, if you want to have an over the top cruise experience and don’t care about money, then you should consider one of their state-of-the-art new ships. They own and operate the largest cruise ships in the world that boast the type of features and amenities that are sure to thrill and excite any guest. Want to go on an exhilarating zip line and soar above the ship, or check out a surfing simulator, then they have these types of features available for you to experience. The point here is that no matter what your budget is, or what type of trip you are interested in, Royal Caribbean International has you covered.


If this is your first cruise, you may be excited, but you may also be wondering just why so many people consider going on a cruise to be the ultimate vacation. With Royal Caribbean International you have a choice of several ports of departure, and they also have destinations to just about every part of the world. No matter where it is that you are interested in experiencing, Royal Caribbean International can get you there in style.

Whether you are interested in lounging by the pool, or enjoy something more active like swimming, playing basketball, or rock wall climbing, you will find all of these activities onboard most ships. While you are going to have a blast your ship, it’s important that you also take in the locales that you are going to be visiting. The point of going on a cruise is getting the opportunity to see a new part of the world. With Royal Caribbean International there are a lot of excursions you can undertake, and their crew will be more than happy to help you plan the perfect outing. If you are looking for a luxury cruise that will create lifelong memories, then you should be looking into Royal Caribbean International.