9 Best Ways to Travel from Orlando to Port Canaveral

The two closest airports to Port Canaveral are the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and the smaller Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), which are located 45 miles and 66 miles from the cruise terminals respectively.

This guide covers transportation options from both airports to Port Canaveral, including detailed information on:

  • Shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral
  • Private transport from Orlando to Port Canaveral
  • Unique transportation options from Orlando to Port Canaveral
  • Large group transport from Orlando to Port Canaveral
  • And much more!

Whether you’re looking for the quickest trip between the two destinations, the most budget-friendly option, or anything in between, keep reading to discover the nine best ways to travel from Orlando to Port Canaveral.

Shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral

There are three ways to travel by shuttle from the ‘Magic City’ to the cruise terminals on the cape. The first is with independent shuttle services, the second is with official shuttle services from the cruise lines, and the third is with hotel shuttle services. We’ll break down the pro and cons of each!

1. Independent shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is the second busiest cruise terminal in the world after the Port of Miami, so a seemingly endless amount of shuttle companies have popped up to satisfy the demand for transport between Orlando and the port.

The shuttle services are shared and typically cost around $30 and up for the round trip per person, but the price can go down when you have a larger group with more passengers. Start your search with this list shuttle companies:

Go Port Canaveral – Website

Star Trans VIP – Website

Ace Luxury Transport – Website

Cortrans Shuttle – Website

Cocoa Beach Shuttle – Website

Tropicana Transport – Website

Smart-Two.com Shuttles – Website

Spaceport Transport – Website

Mears Transportation – Website

Of course, there are plenty of shuttle services to choose from and plenty of online threads and reviews that can suck of hours of your time while you browse. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, consider an official cruise shuttle service or hotel shuttle services instead.

2. Official cruise shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral

Many cruise lines like Disney and Carnival offer their own shuttle services for their passengers from Orlando to Port Canaveral and back again. Each package is different, so speak to your cruise when booking to iron out the transport details and prices as well. Often, these shuttle services are more expensive than third-party options like those listed above, but they’re also more reliable and, if they’re running late, your cruise won’t leave without you.

3. Hotel shuttles

Some hotels in Cape Canaveral offer full packages for cruise passengers that include transport from Orlando to the hotel and the hotel to the cruise terminals before your cruise, and then from Port Canaveral back to Orlando when you return to Cape Canaveral after your trip.

If you’re planning to spend the night in Cape Canaveral before you set sail, these Fly, Cruise, and Snooze packages – from hotels like Comfort Inn and Suites Cocoa Beach and Courtyard by Marriott Cocoa Beach-Port Canaveral in this roundup by USA Today – can save you a significant amount of money on your trip.

Private Transport from Orlando to Port Canaveral

Skip the shuttles all together and choose private transportation between the airport and the cruise terminals with taxis, ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft, or with a car rental.

4. Taxi

As you might expect, taxis are one of the most expensive options to travel from the MCO and SFB airports to Port Canaveral. TaxiFareFinder estimates the rates from the Orlando International Airport to the terminal are about $126 without the tip per car (but remember, this price does cover up to four people). From the Sanford International Airport, the trip is a bit longer so the fare is also higher at $151 per car each way. Luckily, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have much more affordable prices.

5. Uber and Lyft

Unsurprisingly, Uber is less than half the price of a taxi.

From the Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral the trip will only run about $59 per car. For a group of four, that makes the ride $30 per person round trip, which is the same as the cheapest shuttle services but much more convenient because it doesn’t require booking ahead or worries about late shuttles or no-shows.

The only downside to using Uber instead of a shuttle service is that the price can vary based on traffic and surging, but usually, the app can predict that before you call the ride. From the Sanford Airport, an Uber to Port Canaveral will cost about $78 each way.

6. Car Rental

Car rental services can be a good choice for the trip between Orlando and Port Canaveral, but only under certain circumstances.

There are many companies to choose from at the airports that also have offices near Cape Canaveral, so a one-way rental is usually possible, but does often come with an extra fee. If you decide to keep your car for the duration of your cruise, you’ll need to factor in the parking fees as well. Even with this in mind, car rentals can be a budget-friendly way to travel around Florida, especially if you plan to explore more of the state before or after your cruise.

One extra tip for the trip: there are toll roads on the route from both the Orlando International Airport and the Sanford International Airport, but they can be avoided by simply checking the ‘Avoid Tolls’ option in Google Maps when you calculate the route.

From the Orlando International Airport avoiding tolls does add significant travel time and distance to the trip, taking it from about 45 miles to 60 miles and adding 30 minutes of travel time. From the Sanford Airport, the drive without tolls is about the same length as the one with them and will take you via FL-46 E and I-95 S. This route takes an hour and seven minutes to drive the 60-mile route.

Unique Transportation Options

We’ve covered the most common transportation options between Orlando and Port Canaveral and the cheapest options, but what about the ones that are the most fun?! Add some flair to your trip and rent a limo, party bus or exotic car – or even charter a helicopter – to get from Orlando to your cruise ship in style.

7. Limo or Party Bus

Orlando Chauffeur Services has stellar reviews online and offers a variety of limos and party buses for every group size. Each trip comes with a meet and greet and a professional chauffeur, and gratuity is included in the price. Stretch limos for eight to ten people cost $210 and $240 respectively, while larger vans like sprinter limos and executive sprinters hold 12 and 14 people and will run you $360 for the trip.

8. Exotic Car

The Orlando International Airport is home to the Orlando Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise, which specializes in renting out exciting vehicles like an Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porche, Tesla, and more. Just click here to browse your favorites and then rent something splashy for the trip from MCO to Port Canaveral!

9. Helicopter Charter

In Orlando there are plenty of helicopter charter companies ready and waiting to take you anywhere you want to go. The Heli Team is one of the most popular charter services in the city but you can also explore services from Chopper and Helicopters, Inc. as well. This is certainly the most expensive transportation option from Orlando to Cape Canaveral, but there’s no doubt that it also comes with the most beautiful views!

Large Group Transport from Orlando to Port Canaveral

Are you in charge of a large group traveling from Orlando to Port Canaveral for a cruise? Whether it’s a tour, a family reunion, or anything in between, ensuring smooth sailing from point A to point B when traveling with a large group is crucial to staying organized.

While you could call multiple Uber rides or try to squeeze into multiple shuttles, getting one coach bus is much more simple. Many companies offer charter buses in and around Orlando, and this list will help you start your search:

Pheonix Bus – Website

US Coachways – Website

National Bus Charter – Website

Gogo Charters – Website

Orlando Charter Bus Company – Website

Academy Bus – Website

The prices vary but range around $120 to $180 per hour. However, some companies may require a minimum rental time that increases the price. Most also require calling to get a quote and to book the services, so you can get more details over the phone to find out the exact rates for your group size.

-Di Minardi (that’s me!), travel blogger at Slight North