Everything You Need to Know About Parking Near Port Everglades

Whether you’re keeping your rental car on hold while you set sail or driving to and from the cruise terminals from another US city, you’ll face the surprisingly overwhelming task of finding parking near Port Everglades during your trip. Luckily, we’re here to walk you through all of your options. This guide covers:

  • Parking at Port Everglades
  • Parking at third-party lots around Port Everglades
  • Park and cruise deals at nearby hotels
  • Parking at the Fort Lauderdale Airport
  • RV and camper parking near Port Everglades
  • And much more!

So, keep reading to discover prices, amenities, and more for every parking option near Port Everglades. Then, you can reserve your space in only a few quick clicks and head out on your vacation with the peace of mind that your spot is secure and waiting for you on the day of your cruise.

Parking at Port Everglades

Parking at Port Everglades is incredibly convenient and a great way to start your vacation hassle-free. Parking at the official terminal lots costs $15 per day for cars and $19 per day for oversized vehicles (though they warn they can’t accommodate vehicles longer than 20 feet). Disabled parking is free with certain qualifications.

Port Everglades has parking in covered garages and in surface lots and the rates for both spots are the same. The three options currently available are the Northport Parking Garage, the Midpoint Parking Garage, and the Midpoint Surface Lot (the Northport Surface Lot is currently under construction).

All three are illuminated, patrolled by 24/7 security guards, and handicap accessible, so the only deciding factor depends on which terminal your cruise departs from. The Northport garage serves terminals one and two, the Midpoint Garage serves 19, 21, 22/24, 25, 26, 27 and 29, and the Midpoint surface lot serves terminal 18. Click here to read more about the official parking at Port Everglades.

Parking Near Port Everglades

Some popular parking near Port Everglades outside of the official terminal lots are with companies like FLL Park Safe, Gold Coast Cruise & Fly Parking, and Park by the Ports.

FLL Park Safe costs 8.99 per day, so you’ll save $42 when you choose this lot over the terminal parking. However, it does not offer free shuttles to the port, so cruise passengers will have to pay an extra fee to reach it.

Gold Coast Cruise & Fly parking costs $52 for a seven-day reservation with taxes and fees, so you’ll save $53 when you choose this over parking at the port. They also offer a free shuttle to and from Port Everglades for extra savings. Just be sure to bring cash when you arrive, because Gold Coast Cruise & Fly charges a $5 service fee when you pay with a credit card.

Park by the Ports is the cheapest option for parking near Port Everglades of the three in this roundup. Spots cost only $4.99 per day, so parking for a seven-day cruise will run you $35 and net you a total savings of $75 when compared with the official cruise parking at Port Everglades. They also offer free shuttle services to and from the terminal with your parking reservation.

All three of these lots near Port Everglades have the option to pre-book your space online for peace of mind. With one of these reservations in hand, you know you’ll have a spot ready and waiting when it’s time to set sail.

Cruise Parking at Hotels in Fort Lauderdale

Because parking in Fort Lauderdale can be expensive, hotels offer free parking as an incentive to get guests to book. Cruise parking packages at hotels usually require staying only one night to secure free or discounted parking for your cruise, but, of course, every package and price varies.

This list of hotels with cruise parking from USA Today can help you get started on your search. If you’re coming to Fort Lauderdale a day or two before your cruise departs from Port Everglades and are planning to book a night in a hotel anyway, choosing one with free cruise parking can definitely help you save some money!

Cruise Parking at the Fort Lauderdale Airport

Did you know the Fort Lauderdale Airport is only about four miles from Port Everglades? This proximity means airport parking can be a great option to help you save money while you’re on your cruise.

The official airport lots have “more than 12,000 spaces for hourly and daily onsite parking. We keep these areas well lit and guarded by security patrols for your safety and peace of mind.” They cost $25 per day for curbside valet services, $15 per day for the Hibiscus, Palm, and Cyprus garages, and $10 for parking in the overflow lot. It’s safe to say your car is in good hands at the Fort Lauderdale Airport because they even won a National Parking Association Innovation Award for their services!

The Fort Lauderdale Airport also has their own FLL parking app to help you quickly and easily locate spaces when you drop your car off and to find it again when you come back – sun-soaked and relaxed – after your cruise to pick it up again.

Off-site parking around the airport (and therefore around Port Everglades) is also available through third-party lots not affiliated with the airport. Most of them offer shuttle services to the airport but it may be cheaper to just take an Uber from the lot to Port Everglades instead. Airport Parking Reservations lists many different options to choose from and some are as low as $4.99 per night!

Parking RVs and Campers Near Port Everglades

Parking an RV at Port Everglades costs $19 per day, which adds up to $133 for a week-long cruise. If you want to cut that cost (or, if your RV or camper is larger than the maximum 20 feet allowed in the Port Everglades Parking lots), we’ve got a few more options for you.

FLL Park Safe offers gated RV, bus, camper, and trailer parking with 24/7 security on the lot. They also have a (non-complimentary) shuttle to Port Everglades from the lot but you can easily grab an Uber or Lyft as well. The website states that “Because space is limited for RVs and busses, we are unable to process these reservations online. So please give us a call to inquire about pricing and we’ll be happy to book your reservation over the phone!”

If your RV is too big for the Port Everglades parking and the spots at FLL Park Safe are fully booked, you can also take advantage of the short-term storage option at the Yacht Haven Park & Marina as well, where off-site RV storage during your cruise will cost $20 per day.

Free Parking near Port Everglades

Some things are just too good to be true, and free parking in Fort Lauderdale is one of them. If you want to avoid the hefty price tags that come along with caring for your car while you’re on a cruise, the only true way to do that is to leave it at home.

If you’re traveling from another part of the state, consider taking a bus to Fort Lauderdale through services like Megabus or Red Coach to reach your cruise instead of driving into the city on your own. Tickets are often as low as $10 or less on popular routes, and you’ll save big on parking, gas, and tolls if you go this route as well. Then, once you’re in Fort Lauderdale, it’s easy to navigate the city by foot, by public transport, and with ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

If you’re planning to rent a car for your trip, simply return it before you cruise and then pick it up again once you’re done. A quick Uber ride from the rental offices at the Fort Lauderdale Airport to Port Everglades is a small price to pay to avoid the bigger parking fees you’ll rack up while you’re at sea.

Save Time and Money on Parking Near Port Everglades With This Guide

Whether you’re looking for the most convenient parking options near the cruise terminals, the cheapest spot in the city, this guide has you covered. Use it to discover the best parking spots near Port Everglades, take advantage of in-the-know park and cruise deals at hotels in Fort Lauderdale, find the top places to park your RV or camper, and much more. Then it’s as simple as reserving your spot, parking your car, and leaving the landlubbers behind when you set sail on your cruise!

-Di Minardi (that’s me!), travel blogger at Slight North