Everything You Need to Know About Parking Near the Port of Galveston

If you’re planning to cruise from the Port of Galveston, you probably already know the unfortunate news: unlike Port Miami or Port Everglades (which are only miles from the closest major airport), the nearest airport to the Port of Galveston is in Houston, located a cool 70 miles from where you’ll set sail.

Because of that, many vacationers opt to drive to the Port of Galveston rather than fly. If they do fly, they often rent a car at the Houston Airport to explore more of Texas during their stay.

If you’re one of the many who drive to Galveston for your cruise departure, you just may find yourself asking that age-old question: Where is the best place to park near the Port of Galveston? Without doing your research, you could end your vacation on a sour note by coming home to parking tickets or, even worse, a towed car!

To avoid that, explore your long-term cruise parking options in Galveston now and reserve your spot online to make sure you have one waiting for you when it’s time to set sail.

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This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about parking near the Port of Galveston from the closest spots to the cheapest rates to the best RV options and everything in between!

Parking at the Port of Galveston

The Port of Galveston offers official cruise parking in both lots and garages at the terminals. The spots have 24/7 security, are handicap accessible, and are either in walking distance to the terminals or have free shuttles to get you to your ship.

In the lots, four-day cruise parking starts at $55 and rates increase from there. A seven-day cruise will run you $85 while a 14-day cruise will cost $170. However, prebooking your spot online before you arrive will earn you a $5 discount on the final price.

The covered garage is a bit ore expense. Here, four-day cruise parking costs $65, while a seven-day cruise costs $105 and 14-day cruise parking is $210.

Oversized vehicles like RVs, campers, buses, and cars pulling trailers cost twice as much as regular cars and vans (so, seven-day cruise parking for an oversized vehicle will cost $170 at the Port of Galveston) but pre-paying online will cut $10 from the final price.

If you decide not to reserve a parking spot before you arrive, they go on a first come first serve basis for day-of cruise arrivals. However, we recommend booking ahead of time both for peace of mind and because you can cancel the spot for a full refund at any time up to 24-hours before your cruise departs.

Parking Near the Port of Galveston

As with most major ports, there is no shortage of lots that offer long-term cruise parking around the Port of Galveston, but be careful: some offer little to no savings when compared with official parking at the terminal itself. If you know where to look, though, there are a few good deals at lots like Discount Cruise Parking, Falstaff Cruise Parking, and Galv Park on Holiday & Seawall.

Discount Cruise Parking includes free shuttle service to and from the port and has 24/7 cameras for extra security. Parking costs $62 for a seven-day cruise with taxes and fees included, which will net you $18 in savings when you choose it over parking at the port.

Fallstaff Cruise Parking also has security cameras on-site and offers complimentary shuttle service. Uncovered parking costs $63 with taxes and fees for a seven-day cruise while covered parking costs $75. Choosing this lot will save you $17 in total parking fees when compared with parking at the Port of Galveston.

Galv Parking offers multiple lots around the city, but the one on Seawall and Holiday is the cheapest at only $5 per day for cruise parking. No reservations are required, and a seven-day cruise will only run you $35! Unfortunately, there is no complimentary shuttle service, but an Uber ride costs less than $10 each way, so even with this cost factored in the Seawall and Holiday lot is the cheapest parking option in this roundup.

Cruise Parking at Hotels in Galveston

Some hotels in Galveston offer park and cruise packages with free parking and free shuttle services in exchange for a one night stay at the hotel, while others offer discounted parking or require payment for the shuttle services to and from the port. Every hotel is different, so call around to get the best deal – a little extra time spent on your reservation could save you some serious cash in parking fees down the road!

For example, Gaido’s Seaside Inn offers free parking for the duration of your cruise when you book only one night at the hotel. Rates start at $129 and the deal includes a shuttle to the port (but not back to the hotel upon your return). However, this deal is only available when you book directly through the hotel and not on third-party websites like Booking.com or Expedia. The Howard Johnson by Wyndham Galveston also offers free overnight parking for cruise guests and their rates start as low as only $67 per night.

RV and Camper Parking Near the Port of Galveston

RV, camper, and trailer parking is available at the Port of Galveston and costs double the price of a regular-sized vehicle. So, for a four-day cruise, RV parking at the Port of Galveston is $110 while for a seven-day cruise the spot will cost $170 and for a 14-day cruise it’ll run you a whopping $340. If you book online ahead of time, you can get a $10 discount on the price.

If you’re planning to stay in an RV resort in Galveston before or after your cruise, you may also be able to leave it at the park while you’re gone. Some of the most popular RV resorts near the Port of Galveston are the Sandpiper RV Resort, the Stella Mare RV Resort, and the Dellanera RV Park. Before you make a reservation, call the resorts and ask about cruise parking discounts or RV storage during your trip – they may offer the option at a cheaper rate than the Port of Galveston.

Finally, some lots like the Fallstaff Cruise Parking lot listed above also have space for campers and RVs alongside regularly sized vehicles, but they do require an extra fee. So, make sure to disclose your vehicle size when booking online to get the correct rates.

Bonus: 3 More Money-Saving Tips for Driving in Galveston

Unfortunately, there is no free overnight parking in Galveston that you can take advantage of during your cruise. However, you can avoid the parking altogether by opting to take an Uber or Lyft to the cruise terminals from the Houston Airport instead of renting a car for the duration of your stay in Texas.

From the Houston Airport, 70 miles from the cruise terminal, Uber and Lyft rides cost about $70 each way and can accommodate four passengers. For groups of three or more, this is a better deal than the shuttles between the two destinations because the cheapest shuttle, Galveston Limousine Service, runs $50 per person for the round trip.

If you’re planning to stay in and around Galveston for an extended vacation before or after your cruise (lucky you!) download the Pay by Phone app to manage your short-term parking around the city.

The app not only helps you find available spots, but it also lets you easily pay on the app and will even send you a notification to top up your time when it starts to run low. Nothing quite puts a damper on a carefree vacation day like getting a parking ticket or being towed, and now with the Pay by Phone app, those worries are a thing of the past.

Finally, if you opt to rent a car at the Houston Airport for the trip to Galveston or to more destinations around Texas, one small action can help you avoid all of the tolls roads that run through the state. In the Google Maps app, remember to adjust the settings to “Avoid Tolls” and then you can rest assured that you won’t pass through any on your way to your next destination.

Save Time and Money on Parking Near the Port of Galveston With This Guide

Before you set sail on your cruise, you have to make it to the port. If you’re driving or renting a car to get to the Port of Galveston, this guide will make parking near the cruise terminals a total breeze.

From the most convenient parking options at the terminal to the cheapest nearby spots to the best stay and cruise deals at local hotels and everything in between, this guide will help you choose the best parking at the Port of Galveston for you and your crew.

Choose your favorite, reserve the space online, and then set off on your vacation with peace of mind knowing that your parking spot near the Port of Galveston is ready and waiting for your arrival!

-Di Minardi (that’s me!), travel blogger at Slight North