Use This Guide to Discover the Best Restaurants Near the Port of Galveston

Galveston, Texas isn’t typically known as a food destination (the beautiful beaches and popular cruise port tend to overshadow that) but there are still some good eats on the island if you know where to look. Before you set sail from the Port of Galveston, use this guide to sample your way through the city and find the perfect pre-cruise restaurant for you and your crew. Keep reading to discover:

  • The closest restaurants to the Port of Galveston
  • The cheapest restaurants near the Port of Galveston
  • The most unique restaurants near the Port of Galveston
  • The best health food and vegetarian restaurants near the Port of Galveston
  • The top-rated restaurants near the Port of Galveston
  • The best bars and breweries near the Port of Galveston
  • And much more!

Whether you’re on a tight budget and want to fill up for less or are interested in trying someplace unique that you just won’t find anywhere else, this guide to the best restaurants near the Port of Galveston will help you satisfy every craving before your cruise sets sail!

Closest Restaurants to the Port of Galveston

There are so many restaurants near the Port of Galveston that we were able to create an exhaustive list of just the spots you can reach in a 10-minute walk or less. So, leave the car (and heavy luggage) behind and set out on foot to get your grub on at one of these many restaurants near the Port of Galveston..

  • Hearsay on the Strand
  • Brews Brothers Shark Shack Beach Bar and Grill
  • Gypsy Joynt Jive
  • Playground Patio Bar
  • Riondo’s Restaurants
  • Yaga’s Cafe
  • Tsunami
  • Stuttgarden Tavern
  • Stranded Corner Cafe
  • Murphy’s Pub
  • Black Pearl Oyster Bar
  • Eatcetera
  • Brewchachos Tacos and Cantina Galveston
  • El Pinoy Restaurant and Groceria
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks
  • La Mexteca Mexican
  • Huli Huli Hut
  • Trattoria La Vigna
  • Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar
  • Hey Mikey’s Ice Cream
  • Shrimp n’ Stuff Downtown
  • Coastal Grill
  • La Estacion

If you’re willing to walk a bit more (or hop in the car for a short drive) the list of restaurants near the Port of Galveston grows even longer. So, if nothing in this roundup appeals to you, rest assured that there’s a restaurant near the Port of Galveston for every budget and taste.

Cheapest Restaurants Near the Port of Galveston

Sometimes, when traveling, our food choices are dictated more by budget than our actual cravings. When that’s the case, the Port of Galveston is a great place to cruise from because there are plenty of cheap restaurants in walking distance from the terminals.

Jimmy Johns is always reliable and has 16-inch ‘Giant’ sandwiches – perfect to split with a partner or friend – on the menu for $11 each. El Jardin Mexican Cafe has breakfast burritos starting at just $3.50 and full meals for only $5.95.

For larger groups, Papa’s Pizza – a 10-minute drive from the port – is a great choice with special deals like two large three-topping pizzas for only $12.99 each. Queen’s Barbecue – an eight-minute drive from the port- has tasty and filling BBQ sandwiches for only $5.50 each as well.

Unique Restaurants Near the Port of Galveston

Yep, even lil’ old Galveston has some surprises behind their restaurants’ doors. If you want to eat somewhere a little more exciting or memorable than a typical seafood restaurant or taco shop, this list of the most unique restaurants near the Port of Galveston will help you kick off your search.

The Star Drug Store claims to be ‘the oldest drug store in Texas’ and, oh yeah, they’re also a full restaurant with breakfast, lunch, brunch, and a soda fountain! The Porch Cafe serves up another unique dining experience with an all-you-can-eat pancake bar that is, of course, best enjoyed on the front porch where you can enjoy the breeze blowing in from the water nearby.

Finally, we have Yaga’s Cafe, which looks like an unassuming restaurant at first, but on closer inspection, you’ll realize that it also turns into a night club in the evenings! If you want to enjoy some live music and local acts in Galveston before your cruise sets sail, check out the weekly lineup at Yaga’s Cafe to see what’s coming up next during your stay.

By the way, are you looking for more unique spots for some late-night tomfoolery? The Daiquiri Time Out (DTO) bar is just the place for you. This spot – six-minutes walking from the Port of Galveston – has their own unique take on custom craft cocktails and offers a changing menu for every season.

Finally, if you’re just looking for a restaurant with that gorgeous ocean view that Galveston is known for, there’s no shortage of outdoor seating on the water. Use this guide to find the five best restaurants with a view in Galveston to enjoy your meal in a picture-perfect setting on the island.

Best Healthfood and Vegetarian Restaurants Near the Port of Galveston

There aren’t any vegan restaurants in Galveston but there are still a few go-to options for the vegetarians, vegans, and health-conscious travelers sailing from the city.

One of the most popular is Lolo Kai Smoothies and Wraps, located a convenient eight-minute walking from the port. Lolo Kai specializes in refreshing smoothies, acai bowls, and wraps including two vegetarian options with peanut butter and granola and veggies and hummus.

Eatcetera is a short three-minute walk from the Port of Galveston and serves up a daily soup special – like the vegan shio ramen on Wednesdays – along with salads and sandwiches. Another healthy restaurant near the Port of Galveston is Yaga’s Cafe (also a quick three-minute walk from the port) which has a curated Healthy Menu full of ‘Keto Friendly, Gluten Free, Faster Way To Fat Loss Options.’

Top-Rated Restaurants Near the Port of Galveston

Foodies in Galveston are in luck because a whopping nine of Eater’s 22 Essential Galveston Restaurants are within walking distance of the Port of Galveston.

Brews Brothers Brew Pub and La King’s Confectionery are the closest to the Port of Galveston at only a two-minute walk away.

Eatcetera (three minutes), the Black Pearl Oyster Bar (six minutes), the Gypsy Joynt (six minutes), the Maceo Spice and Import Co. (six minutes), Olympia Grill (seven minutes), Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar (10 minutes), and Rudy & Paco Restaurant and Bar (10 minutes from the Port of Galveston) also made the roundup.

Along with the thumbs-up from Eater, Gypsy Joynt was voted the Galveston Islands Restaurant of the Year in 2017. This Thrillist roundup also names Rudy & Paco’s, Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar, and the Black Pearl Oyster Bar among their top restaurants in the area (and lists more of the best eats on the island for extra foodie inspiration).

Houstonia magazine gave Rudy & Paco and the Black Pearl Oyster Bar a third round of accolades and singled out the Maceo Spice and Import Co. and Eatcetera as some of their favorite spots in the city as well.

Bars and Breweries Near the Port of Galveston

Vacation has officially begun, and no one will blame you if you want to celebrate with a drink or three before you board your cruise. There are plenty of local craft breweries, distilleries and cool places to choose from in this beachside town – it all just depends on what you’re looking for!

The Devil and the Deep Brewery is the closest brewery to the Port of Galveston and is only a short five-minute walk away for a quick drink before you board your cruise ship. It even has a beer garden to enjoy the home-brewed stouts, porters, blonde ales, and IPAs outside under the Texas sun.

If you want to make a day of it, there are two other breweries in Galveston as well but they’ll require a car or quick Uber ride to reach. The Beerfoot Brewery has 33 craft beers on tap and is a six-minute drive from the cruise terminals while Galveston Island Brewing – the largest of the three – is an 18-minute drive away.

Beyond the breweries, the Texas Tail Distillery is another notable destination for drinks near the Port of Galveston. They’ve been serving up their own take on vodka since 2007 and even offer tours of the distillery on Fridays and Saturdays.

Finally, don’t miss the Float Pool Bar before you go. There’s nothing quite like a swim-up bar when the Texas heat is bearing down on you and the Float Pool Bar delivers with not only a refreshing pool to sip your drink in but plenty of happy hour deals and live events to keep you entertained as well. Plus, it’s located right by the Beerfoot Brewery so you can visit two of the best bars in Galveston in a single stop!

-Di Minardi (that’s me!), travel blogger at Slight North