Virgin Voyages, a new cruise line backed by Richard Branson, is set to debut this year, and people couldn’t be more excited. There are many cruise lines that are considered family friendly, and Virgin Voyages is most definitely not one of them. Virgin Voyages is a cruise for adults only. For anyone that wants to spend their vacation away from screaming children on a crowded cruise ship, then Virgin Voyages is just what they are looking for. In addition to being an adult only cruise, people are also excited about Virgin Voyages due to the reputation of Richard Branson, and the standards that he expects to be upheld in any business he is involved in. Virgin Voyages is reported to boast some of the most unique and hi-tech designs of any cruise line, which is a big reason why people are already lining up to get aboard as soon as possible. So, what are these great cabins like?

Spectacular Views of The Ocean

There are many reasons to go on a cruise, but one of the main ones should be to enjoy the amazing views from aboard the ship. While you can obviously watch the sun rise or set from the deck of the ship, being able to see it from your cabin is a nice touch. Unfortunately, not everyone cruise line understands how important this is. But, with Virgin Voyages, 93% of the ship’s cabins will have a window, and 83% will have an oceanside terrace. This is an amazing luxury that allows you to have some quiet moments of serenity during your festive cruise vacation. If you really feel like kicking your feet back you can even lounge, nap, or spend the night in a hammock on your oceanside terrace!

Cabins Designed to Be User-Friendly

On your cruise, your cabin should be equally capable of serving as a social gathering point, while also providing spacious sleeping accommodations. The main obstacle to accomplishing this is having a bed that is large and comfortable enough to sleep soundly in, while not still taking up the majority of the cabin space. Virgin Voyages solved this problem by having their cabin beds handcrafted in Germany by Walter Knoll. Their Seabeds are designed to easily fold up and convert into a lounger when not in use. That means you can get the sleep you need without having to sacrifice the ability to have friends over in your cabin.

Wanting to ensure that their guests are as comfortable as possible in their cabins, Virgin Voyages has gone out of their way to make their cabins as relaxing and accommodating as possible. Their cabins have minibars, rain shower heads, and a 4K television. While you may not plan on spending a lot of time in your cabin, you will end up wearing down at times during your trip, and having a relaxing cabin to recharge your batteries in can help get you up and back to the fun as soon as possible.

Rockstar Suites Take Things to The Next Level

While the regular cabins aboard Virgin Voyages ships are quite amazing in their own right, if you really want to up your overall experience you can opt for a Rockstar suite. Limited in number, and obviously pricier due to the higher level of service, Rockstar suites give you the opportunity to experience the finer things in life during your voyage. You’ll get a personal assistant, a wardrobe team to help you pack and unpack, and personalized transport to and from the ship among other perks. You’ll also enjoy a larger suite with even better amenities than their traditional cabins offer.

Virgin Voyages Is Certain to Become A Top Cruise Line

After taking the time to review the amenities, suites, and overall design of Virgin Voyages ships, it’s quickly become clear that they are going to be a cruise line that is in high demand quite quickly. In fact, there’s already a waiting list to get on board, and they haven’t even launched their first ship yet. If you are interested in a cruise that is meant for adults and takes place on a state-of-the-art new cruise ship, then you definitely need to book a cruise with Virgin Voyages. They are already in high demand, and once they begin to launch their first ships later this year that demand is only going to go up. So, don’t wait any longer, treat yourself to the dream vacation you deserve aboard a world-class cruise ship from Virgin Voyages.

(Image from Virgin Voyages)