Looking for the best cruise lines for couples? Well, there are quite a few things you should look into before making a final decision. Going on a cruise as a couple can be an amazing experience that helps bring the two of you together. It can help you to connect on an emotional and physical level as the two of you are able to spend time together uninterrupted by the distractions of everyday life. But, if you want this kind of experience, then you need to make sure that you choose the right cruise line for your trip. The last thing you want is to plan a romantic trip, spend a decent amount of money on your trip, then end up having a less than stellar time due to the cruise line you chose not being the best fit for what you had in mind. The following list of the best cruise lines for couples should help to ensure that you have the time of memorable vacation that you have always wanted.

1. Norwegian Cruise Line

One of the features that make Norwegian Cruise Line such a wonderful cruise for couples is their freestyle dining policy. Why would dining have such a big impact on a romantic cruise for two? Simple, most cruise lines require you to eat during specific time frames, which places you on a schedule. Who wants to be on a schedule when you are on vacation? Worst yet, why would you want to possibly interrupt some private time for you and your special someone because you need to get to dinner on time?

If you have the financial resources available to you, the courtyard penthouses, owner’s suites, and garden villas make ideal locations for spending some quality time with your partner. There are also plenty of onboard activities for active couples, such as rock climbing, letting you mix in some fun along with romance during your trip.

2. Princess Cruises

Princess Cruise Lines is well known for its luxurious accommodations, and if you opt for a private suite or mini-suite you can really get the most of your experience. Remember going to the drive-in theater when you were younger and being able to snuggle up with the person that you love? Well, Princess Cruises recreates this type of experience with their romantic movie under the stars experience. You and your partner can curl up under a blanket together and watch a movie while blanketed by the stars as the cool ocean breeze passes overhead.

If you feel like getting pampered then you definitely need to take the time to embrace the luxurious hospitality of the sanctuary. Here you can enjoy a couple’s massage to help the two of you relax and forget about all of your troubles. While Princess Cruises offers great dining experiences if you want to take things to the next level you should opt for the ultra-romantic Ultimate Balcony Dining Experience where the two of you will receive the type of attention and pampering that you deserve.

3. Celebrity Cruises

With a name like Celebrity Cruises, you can bank on having the type of experience that is fit for the stars. The first thing that Celebrity Cruises has going for it is that it’s a ship that caters specifically to couples on a getaway rather than families on vacation. Kids are great, but having a bunch of kids running around and being loud can kill a romantic mood very quickly. You don’t have to worry about this on a ship from Celebrity Cruises, where they make it a point to cater to couples in ways that few other cruise lines can hope to compare to. While going on vacation with the kids is often a lot of fun, getting away on your own is something that every couple needs every once in a while.

Imagine being able to sit on real grass aboard a ship, while feeling the cool ocean breeze and gazing out at the stars, while holding the person you love most in the world in your arms. That’s exactly what you can do onboard Celebrity Cruises when you plan a picnic for two with their Lawn Club. It’s a one of a kind type of experience and it’s one of the reasons why so many couples have an amazing trip when they book with Celebrity Cruises. If you prefer a more upscale dining experience, then you should consider dining at Murano. Murano offers a wide variety of dishes with quality and service that are comparable to the finest restaurants anywhere.