Finding the right Europe river cruise is something that many people struggle with when they decide to explore Europe using this method of transportation. While cruises on the open sea are quite popular and well known, not as many people are as familiar with the concept of river cruises. As is true with any type of vacation you are planning, finding the right cruise is paramount to planning the type of trip that you and your family will enjoy. Finding the right Europe river cruise is essentially the foundation that the rest of your vacation is going to be built upon.

If you still aren’t sure that a river cruise is the right choice for you, just imagine how immersive of a travel experience you can have on this type of voyage. With most types of vacations, you have to deal with the logistics of travel. That means booking passage on ships or planes, then paying for hotel rooms. Then, on top of all of that, if you plan on seeing numerous locations you are going to have to switch from hotel to hotel. That hardly sounds like the definition of a fun and relaxing time. On the other hand, when you go on a river cruise in Europe you don’t have to switch hotels as you go from destination to destination. Instead, your ship’s cabin is your home away from home as you get the opportunity to explore an exciting and historic region of the world. So, what makes each of your possible destinations unique and appealing?


Danube is often cited as the best river cruise for first-time cruisers, or for anyone that hasn’t had the wonderful experience that this cruise offers. What makes this cruise so appealing? First of all, you get to visit amazing cities such as Nuremberg, Linz, Budapest, Passau, and Bratislava. Second of all, the scenic beauty that you’ll be able to take in while on this river cruise really is second to none in all of Europe. There are also numerous opportunities to get off of the ship and enjoy time bicycling in the countryside. If you want to see a beautiful and historic part of Europe, then this is probably the ideal river cruise for you.

Rhone River Cruise

Many different cruise packages in this gorgeous part of France actually offer the ability to travel both the Rhone River and the Saone River. One of the most breathtaking sights to behold for anyone that is interested in history is the Pont Du Gard bridge. It is one of the most well-preserved examples of ancient Roman architecture left in the world, making it a truly awe-inspiring sight to behold. You will also have the opportunity to take in more incredible Roman architecture when you visit Arles. This city is famous for also being a short-term home for the great painter Vincent Van Gogh.

Seine River Cruise

Cruises on this famous river always begin and end in Paris where you get a magnificent view of the world-famous Eiffel Tower. In fact, the port is so close to the Eiffel Tower that it is a distance that most people can comfortably walk in a short amount of time.


Most famous for its wine production, in recent years Bordeaux has become an increasingly popular destination for river cruise enthusiasts. On this cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Paris, as well as plenty of time to enjoy the lush countryside of France. Anyone that loves history, nature, and of course, great wine, would have an amazing time on one of these cruises.

Which Cruise Is Right for You?

The cruise that you go on that works best for you is going to depend on a number of factors. Money, of course, is often one of the biggest factors that contribute to what type of river cruise someone is going to enjoy. If you have a bigger budget then you’ll be able to afford a more extravagant experience. You should also carefully consider what region you’d like to visit. While Europe has many amazing sights to see, there’s probably one area that has always piqued your interest the most. You should also check with different river cruise lines to see what kind of off-ship expeditions that they offer. If you are the type of person that loves exploring on your own, then plan for a cruise that will accommodate you in this regard.